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Technology Tools, Tips, and Tricks

A variety of educational technology tools, tips, and tricks for all grades and subject areas.

Sara Dempster

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of Technology Tools, Tips, and Tricks

Educational Technology Tools, Tips, and Tricks!
by Sara Dempster

Google Drive
Click below for prezi tutorials.
Want to know more?
Visit https://isteconference.org/2015/
There are hundreds of technology tools, websites, and apps out here that can be used to create more meaningful lessons for your students or help to make your job easier.
Note taking app that allows you to take notes, create reminders, and lists
You can add photos, videos, and voice recordings to the notes you create.
Evernote also allows you to share notes with others.
Note taking at professional development meetings (available on computers, iPads, & iPhones.
Recording anecdotal notes about students while they are working.
You could use this to record a student reading at the beginning of the year and keep the recording with your notes. At the end of the year, record again and compare to the first recording.
Allows you to create and save documents, presentation, slideshows, and more online.
Allows you to share and collaborate on items with other google users.
Collaborate with other teachers when writing lesson plans
Create items for your students to work on that can be shared with them online
Allow students to use google drive to complete projects
Allow students to collaborate and work together on one project
Available features:
Alternative to powerpoint that goes beyond presenting information on slides.
Visually stimulating presentations
Extremely customizable
(International Society for Technology in Education)?
Also acts as an online storage for documents, photos, videos and more.
Online storage for files, documents, photos and videos.
save item to dropbox and access from anywhere online
share items with others
also available as an app for phones and tablets
Three Ring
Green Screen
Other Resources
Donors Choose
Today's Meet
How can I connect my iPad to my interactive whiteboard?
allows you to import powerpoint or prezi and record your voice on each slide then share with others
have students view introduction to a topic at home that includes your explanations
allow students to go further with their projects by adding their commentary to slideshows
*make sure you sign up for a free educator's account
Allows you to post a question and have students answer from their personal devices or classroom devices.
Quick and easy way to check for student understand during lesson
Allows you to gauge student learning and adjust lesson accordingly
Requires students to be engaged and participate in lessons
Screencasting allows you to capture a computer screen while recording audio narration.
Show students how to complete a task at home
Can be used to show students how to sign up for or log into a website
Can also be used to show parents how to access different programs
Collect and post screencasts to a website where students and parents can access
Free program that allows you to record short 5 minute screencasts and take quick screenshots
Limited to 5 minutes
Saves to screencast.com and has to be shared from there
Paid version of Jing
Cost: ($49.95)
Allows longer recording time
More capturing capabilities
Includes editing options for after recording
More sharing options
*Snagit offers a free 30 day trial. Try it out before buying.
Create your own classroom website in less than 30 minutes!!
Tons of themes
Lots of customization
Add photos and videos
Share documents and files
Create a 'room' and allow people to join in a discussion
Create a discussion topic for students to answer when breaking up into groups
Create a question for students to answer from home.
Can also be used like instant messenger to communicate with other teachers
Name your room, choose how long you want the discussion to be available and go!
Share the url with those you want to join the discussion

Click the link below and tell us your favorite tech tool so far.

Technology GA
Nicholls State University
College of Education
Teacher Education

Image from http://www.teq.com/blog/2013/11/5-options-connecting-ipad-classroom-display/#.VBsXji5dV7E
*click link to read more about connecting options
VGA Adapter
Apple TV
Air Server
& Reflector
Have questions,
comments, or suggestions?
Allows public school teachers to post projects to receive funding for items ranging from pencils to iPads.
The teacher explains what their class needs and why they need it.
Donors are allowed to choose the amount they want to donate and receive updates about a project after it is funded.
Great way to receive funding for technology you don't have in your classroom as well as other items you may be in need of.
Fun Disney themed lessons and other activities!
Allows you to display everything from your iPad screen to the interactive whiteboard
Whatever is on your iPad screen will show on the board
Removes the issue of some apps not allowing mirroring
Lose the ability to walk around the classroom with the iPad as you teach
Some VGA cables may not be placed so that you can access and disconnect them
May not always work with sound
It can be time consuming to switch from the iPad display to computer display
Allows you to mirror your iPad screen onto an interactive whiteboard
No cables attached to iPad
Also allows you to play movies, videos, and other items from iTunes
Geared towards sending videos and photos from the iPad to the Apple Tv for displaying on the screen
Not all apps allow mirroring
Requires you to press a button on the board to switch back and forth from Apple TV to Computer display

Allows you to mirror your iPad screen onto the computer that is connected to the interactive whiteboard
Easy to switch back and forth between iPad display and computer use
Most mirroring programs allow you to record what you are doing on the iPad screen (can be used to create iPad screencasts
Not all apps allow mirroring
Air Server- $11.99(1 license); or $7.99-9.99 (per license for multiple licenses)

Reflector- $12.99
Try out the free 7-Day trial versions of Air Server and Reflector first to see if those will suit your needs.
See if you can find a VGA adapter to borrow to see if that will work
An Apple TV has tons of uses outside of the classroom (like allowing you to watch Netflix and other subscription services on your TV, playing your iTunes Library through your home theater system) so if it doesn't work in your classroom, you could use it at home.
There's no easy solution to displaying your iPad to the interactive whiteboard in your classroom. It will take some time to figure out the best solution for you.
Contact me or Dr. V if you are in need of assistance with this!
Green screen videos are a great way to allow students to get creative when working on projects.
It may seem intimidating, but there are a few iPad apps that can help your students to create some awesome green screen videos.
Allows you to print answer sheets (similar to scantrons) and then scan them with the app to grade them instantly.
Allows you to give students immediate feedback
Can grade things like exit tickets, quizzes, and formative assessments.
Free to download and use 100 times
Full version is $1.99 for 2 months or $6.99 for a year
Create portfolios using a mobile device
Take photos of student work, record audio or video of student presentations and discussions
Tag items by Common Core standard, assignment, or other ways
Share student work with parents, students, and administrators
Free for teachers!
Click here for more info about green screen and the apps!
Green Screen Apps
Green Screen by Do Ink
Easy to use
Can use rear or front facing camera
The design of the app may be geared toward usage by younger kids, but could also be used for older students
Cost: $2.99
Veescope Live & Veescope Live Full version
Also easy to use
Can be paired with a wireless keyboard to control
Works on iPhones, iPads, & iPod touch
Only difference between free version and paid version is a watermark that displays on the free version's videos
Paid version cost: $2.99
Other Apps That Help
make Video Making Easier
Storyboarding App
Allows users to sketch a storyboard that will help them to make better videos
Does allow in-app purchasing that could distract students from their purpose
Teleprompting apps can help students when they need to talk for longer periods of time in front of the camera
iPrompt Pro
Teleprompter Pro Lite
*see previous link for more green screen apps
Items needed to
Film Green Screen
A green 'screen'

This can be a large green sheet
Could also use green butcher paper
Keep in mind that it needs to be an opaque kelly green color for best results
Also, make sure the background is a matte finish and not a reflective background

Not completely necessary because one student could hold the iPad to video
A tripod will help to eliminate shaky videos especially if students are filming long video clips

Proper lighting will eliminate shadows
illuminate the talent (people in the video) and the background of the screen
Augmented Reality
What is AR?
Augmented reality is an experience that adds media such as photos, videos, animations, etc. to the world around us.
Click the link below to learn more about AR
Click the link below to view a list of AR apps
Click the link below to learn more about Aurasma
Scan this using a QR code reader app to follow along and access the links provided
QR Codes
App: QR Code Reader
QR codes allow you to share URLs or other information with others by using a black and white graphic that can be read by the camera on a device.
Students can answer from a computer, the browser on a smartphone or tablet, or the socrative app.
Go to socrative.com or the socrative app
Choose student login
Enter the room number
Room #: TECHSEMINAR (No spaces)
or type the url below into a browser
AR Apps
Explain Everything
An iPad and Android app used to make screencasts
Extremely user friendly
Allows you to add photos, videos, sound clips, and other media stored on your iPad.
Very easy to edit recording
Allows you to add powerpoints, pdfs, and other documents to edit and record voice over.
Tons of import and export options (dropbox, google drive, camera roll, etc.)
Cost: $3.99
Nicholls State University College of Education
Master of Educational Leadership
Concentration in Educational Technology Leadership
Fully Online!
Completed in 18 months!
Cohorts begin every summer!
*exit fullscreen to view*

Quick and fun way to check student understanding during.
Fast-paced and interactive.
Encourages student participation.
Students can answer from a computer, the browser on a smartphone or tablet, or the Kahoot app.
Assessment solution for one-device classrooms
Create a quiz and print out plickers cards
Students turn their card a certain way to answer the question
Teacher scans cards with the plickers app on a mobile device
Answers are assessed automatically.
*When searching in the IOS app store, select 'iPhone only' to find the Plickers app.
Where will the 2016 Summer Olympics be held?
A. London
B. Beijing
C. Rio
D. Louisiana
Free scanner app!
Scan documents and save as images or export as PDF
Also imports directly into Evernote
Digital Handwriting for iPad
Take notes, journal thoughts, or outline ideas on the go.
Connect and sync with Evernote
Can also be use to annotate images or PDFs saved to your camera roll as images
Works best with a stylus
Teacher's Pay Teachers
Online marketplace where teachers buy share and sell teaching resources.
Tons of themed lessons, resources, etc.
Many sellers offer free items.
Email cynthia.vavasseur@nicholls.edu for more infomration
*Only available on Macs*
Open quicktime and start a new screen recording.
Does not allow you to pause recording so can be hard to record long screencasts.
Make sure your microphone is selected before you start recording.
Online brain breaks and activites
Fun and upbeat videos to get your kids moving.
Use for indoor recess to let students get their energy out.
3 ways to GoNoodle with older students

Free & Safe way to send text messages to students (or parents).
Students/Parents subscribe to your class and get notifications you send out about homework or assignments.
Helps to support a more flipped classroom.
Safe Classroom Communication
Free Version
Paid Version
Max 15 minute recording time
Watermark when publishing
Does not include all of screencast-o-matic features
Publish to youtube
Save as video file
No Max recording time
No watermark when publishing
Allows zoom and writing when recording
Editing options
More additional features
Publishing to youtube, google drive, vimeo, and more.
Virtual bulletin board that allows users to share ideas, photos, videos, etc.
Can be used as a place to collect information, links, and photos you want people/students to view.
Behavior management for your classroom
Each student gets a profile
Teacher awards points or subtracts points for good or bad behavior
Can award students individually or as a whole class.
*Use an iPad during class to reward or subtract points during lessons.*
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