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An important skill

Sy Coi

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Communication

Definition of Communication Other Skills COMMUNICATION No.1
Vo Ngoc Nhan (leader)
Nguyen Ngoc Thuy Dung
Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha
Huynh Dang Khanh Trinh
Pham The Hao for Effective Professional
Communication COMMUNICATION Having good communication is an
important strength when in a
professional career. This is formed
when the exchange of
information between a sender
and a receiver. Customers relations. Know your purpose Professional
Communication Skills Subject Active listening Audience z Writing Reading The exchange of thoughts, messages, speech,...
To express oneself readily and clearly understood.
Communication is shared feelings or understanding. We communicate to...
Get information
etc... What? Ways of conveying messages Verbal Non-verbal Written Communication Advantages Increase productivity.
Reduce stress.
Better understand what others are saying.
Enhance relationships.
Save time and money. Practice... Sentence structure.
Tone of voice.
Key words.
Non-verbal body language.
Style of speech.
Rhythm of speech. Before communicating
Ask yourself... What is the main purpose?
Who will receive it?
What is likely the attitude of the listener?
How much does he need to know?
Is my timing right?
What is the main subject?
Are the major points clear?
Is there any ambiguity? 7C's of Communication Considerate Concrete Concise Courteous Clear Complete Correct Telephone
Conversations Polite Professional Efficient Knowledgeable Confident Oral Communication Mediums of
Communication Oral Written Graphic Interviews Introduction
and purpose Interview guide Always thank the
interviewer Speak confidently but formally Presentations Get attention?
A captive audience Electronic
Correspondence An unprofessional email A professional email Avoid informality Written
Communication Be courteous Always indicate
subject Use proper English Sigh your name Letter SO BE NORMAL!!! Complete address of recipient Formal greeting and formal closing Clear and concise Reports and
Papers Organization - Follow
the format Spell check + Grammar check + Proofread Proper citation Avoid Second person and Passive voice Graphic communication Tables Graphs Effective Negotiating How to acknowledge others Motivate staff Facilitative Leadership Influencing others What did we Learn? Professional Communication skill important for everyone
Be formal, concise and interesting
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