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Copy of Roadmap

No description

Adelino Bernardo

on 11 June 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Roadmap

Let me give you some perspetive....
- o que é - conceitos.
- o que deve ser - ideal state.
- o que não deve ser.
- como fazer/como iniciar.
- quem deve implementar
- quando fazer.
- porque fazer roadmap.
- alguns caminhos /Sugestões
- autores.
Wowing template. Click through in 20 steps.
But we can move beyond the present.
Here is something small...
It could be much larger!
Here is some context. Provide some common ground.
Or something from the present, that we should look beyond.
um caminho de sentido único.
programa de uma ferramenta única (p.ex: VSM) para resolver todos os problemas.
um programa de todas as ferramentas Lean em cada problema.
Falhar no planeamento é planear para falhar
O que não deve ser - 1
O que não deve ser - 2
Roadmap to Lean
PGLM /2018
An Example:
Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr
"where profit is,
loss is hidden near by"
Japanese proverbe
Trabalho final:
-Roadmap para a organização/departamento/secção em que trabalham.
- data de entrega:
a) em formato ppt/prezi/word/excel / outro formato 23/06/2018 - apresentação em sala (webex) e argumentação - blearning - 23/06/2018 .
b) na semana seguinte ao da apresentação em ppt / prezi retificado - 30/06/2018.
- bonificação para entregas antes do prazo limite (10%).
- penalização para entregas após a(s) data(s) definida(s).
A tradução de “roadmap”
Qual a tradução correcta para o português da palavra "roadmap"?

“Roadmap” significa «mapa de estradas».
Não é com esse sentido que a palavra está a ser utilizada em português.
Numa página da Internet em português, dá-se a seguinte definição de “roadmap”:

«Um Roadmap é uma visão estendida do futuro de um campo escolhido de investigação composto de uma coletânea de conhecimento de pesquisadores nesse campo.»
ainda não está estabelecida a tradução
do termo em português, pelo que as palavras
que me parecem mais próximas são:
- guia e roteiro.
Roadmap é:
O que deve
ser um Roadmap
ajustado à realidade
de cada empresa/serviço
e respectivos recursos
um guia com
marcos para verificar
a adequação do
planeado à realidade.
uma orientação,
com ajustes
no percurso.
uma metodologia
de informação
para viabilizar acções
This journey is not for

the weak of conviction.

It will require extraordinary


and hard work.
processo de implementações


e metódicas

numa linha de tempo.
Sugestões para o arranque:

In the first step, you have
to assess the company to find
the answer to three basic
requirements for “lean”:
Is there any crisis (sales,profit etc.).
is there a level of commitment of management, change
is there “lean” knowledge to apply tools and techniques
in terms of the capability and resources (that is “cognitive, skills and attitudes”
among managers and people,
Condições reunidas para
a transição para o Lean???
Fase 0
1 - Preparação.
2 - Área Piloto.
3 - Expandir a toda a Empresa.
4 - Procura perfeição
Moutabian (2010) insists that “lean” implementation should start only if there is management commitment, a change agent,and a crises (for example productivity).
- The Ford Motor Company identifies five phases to achieve “lean”: Process stabilization, continuous flow,
synchronous production, pull authorization, and balanced production (Liker, 1997).
- Harbour (2001) presents “lean” implementation in four steps (creating organizational “lean” providing “lean” workforce, applying tools and techniques, and continuous improvement)
all the authors agree on the following eight steps in the “lean” process:
1- Management commitment,
2- team management and learning aboutLean,
3- an appropriate value stream must be selected,
4- the selected stream should be mapped,
5- improvement indexes should be determined,
6- a desirable process should be drawn and based on the gap between the current situation and the desired one,
7- some Kaizen projects should be identified,
8- an identified plan/program should be launched (Womack and Jones, 1996
- Drew et al. (2004) propose five phases (preparatory, assessment of current and future states, implementing a pilot, and continuous improvement).
Pinto, J.P.(2009), cita 4 etapas:
Definição da baseline (ponto de partida), dos gaps e das oportunidades.
Transferência de conhecimento e de boas práticas.
Rumo à excelência
Área Piloto
Expandir à Empresa
Rumo à perfeição
“lean” is not just a set of projects, it is a journey about learning (Houshmand and Jamshidnezhad, 2006).
um programa de todas as ferramentas Lean em cada problema.
In this phase, design and thinking activities for strategic planning (Hoshin Kanri/Balanced Scorecard).
Are “lean” experts available?
it is necessary to analyze the whole system:
organizational structure.
identifying value.
product family
metrics, feedback system,
determining the managers of VSMs.
In the first step of this phase, a family product as a sample is selected to map the value stream into current and future status.
based on future VSM, implement by continuous flow,
stability, flexibility, and pulling.
aplicação ferramentas lean:
in this phase, 5S, Kanban, Automatic
Guided Vehicle, waste elimination and flexible work systems by
group technology and cellular manufacturing can be tried out to
create continuous flow. Standard work, 5S, TPM,
Jidoka/autonomation, Poka Yoke, self controlling, and visual
management are used to achieve the stability conditions; and to
have ideal flexibility, multi-skills works, implementation of SMED
and Heijunka/leveling, and some tools/techniques such as Takt
time, pace maker, “one piece flow”, FIFO line, supermar
After the pilot study, the model can be expanded to the whole system.
it provides current and future VSM (door-todoor) for all products
“lean” is implemented according to
future VSM,
“lean” is implemented considering four main methods:
continuous flow,
and pulling) in the last phase.
Ultimately, it can be rolled out to the office and to
organizations outside the enterprise (suppliers and customers).
In the final phase - existirá?
In this phase, there is an emphasis on measurement,
feedback, and continuous improvement.
“lean” needs to be seen as a journey, it is a journey about thinking,learning and trial to achieve perfection, which never ends
each Enterprise must ultimately choose the route that best serves its own circumstances.
Bibliografia Roadmap:

Emiliani, Bob, 2007, Better Thinking, Better Results: Case Study and Analysis of an Enterprise-Wide Lean Transformation, LLC, 2nd edition.

DAVIS, JOHN W., 2009, Lean Manufacturing implementation, strategies that work: a roadmap to quick and lasting sucess, Industrial Press Inc.

DENNIS, PASCAL, 2010, The remedy: bringing lean thinking out of the factory to transform the entire organization, John Wiley & Sons.

Koenigsaecker, George, 2012, Leading the lean enterprise transformation, CRC Press, 2nd edition.

MANN, DAVID, 2015, Creating a lean culture: tools to sustain lean conversions, 3rd Edition, CRC Press.

THOMES, HOWARD M., 2005, Lean roadmap – the lean leaders guidebook – eleven building blocks for a successful lean roadmap design, Lulu.com.

WOMACK, JIM., 2011, Gemba walks, Lean enterprise institute

Deborah J. Nightingale, Jayakanth Srinivasan, (2011), Beyond the Lean Revolution: Achieving Successful and Sustainable Enterprise Transformation , American Management Association
Escolher o(s) caminho(s).
Take Heart!
Others have blazed some of the trails that you will now traverse.
They have left helpful guideposts that come from their experience and knowledge.
Be Resolute! This journey is not for the weak of conviction. It will require
extraordinary commitment, perseverance, and hard work.
Be Brave! Not all the roads have been paved smooth for you. Much is still beinglearned, and you will undoubtedly add to the existing wealth of knowledge withyour own learning and experimentation as you apply the foundational principlesof “Lean thinking.”
Be Filled with Hope! Enterprises before you that have adopted these “Lean”
principles and practices are transforming themselves into efficient and relentless developers and producers of some of the finest products in the world!

You can join them!
Think of this “Roadmap,” because it recognizes
that this is a journey:

that it has a starting point and a destination in mind;

that there are many different ways that the final destination can be reached,

that regardless of the route chosen there are milestones through which everyone must pass at somepoint.

that each Enterprise must ultimately choose the route that best serves its own circumstances.
A warning:
this journey never ends! Each destination you reach becomes the starting point for the next journey.

This is the true essence of “Continuous Improvement” and a fundamental principle of “Lean thinking.”

Be prepared for a never-ending journey.
1 - Are you actively studying about, and working at, making your facility Leaner, more responsive, more flexible & more competitive?
we must be intellectually engaged
all must continuous to Learn
no spectators allowed!!

5 tests of management Commitment to Lean
10 most common reasons lean initiatives fail (in part or totally)
5 reasons
5 reasons
5 precursors to implement
a Lean iniative

Process maturity
5 tests of management
Commitment to Lean

2 - are you willing to listen to critiques of your facility & then understand & change those areas in your facility that are not Lean ?
we must be intellectually open. - use brains not budget!

5 tests of management
Commitment to Lean

3 - do you honestly and accurately assess you responsiveness and competitiveness on a global basis:
we must be completely & intellectually honest

5 tests of management
Commitment to Lean

4 - are you totally engaged in the Lean transition with your:
management attention
support (emotional support)
"spend ideas not dollars."

5 tests of management
Commitment to Lean

5 - Are you willing to ask, answer, and act on the question:
- " How can I make this facility more flexible, more reponsive, and more competitive?

5 - cont:
- we must be inquisitive, and be willing to listen to all peers, superiors, and subordinates alike, no mather how painful it may be, and then be wiling and able to make the needed change.
5 Questõesacerca do nível de compromisso da Gestão com o LEAN

Metodo cientifico
Etimologia - Cultura
Managing Roadblocks
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