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MYP Design Cycle

No description

Jason El Mounzer

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of MYP Design Cycle

International,baccalaureate. design guide.uk, international baccalaureate organization.may 2014

"design brief & design specification" discovery college, web. 25 May Sunday,2014
Inquiring and analyzing
you are supposed to use a specific design to help solve a problem using this design They analyses the need for a solution and conduct an inquiry into the nature of the problem.
Explain and justify the need
here you write an explanation of why the need is important and how it can affect life or society
Identify and priorities the research
put questions that you will research organizing the research and doing the research
Analyze existing products
look at other works and examples and explain how it helped or inspired you
develop a design brief
a small paragraph explaining what you will be doing and what is the purpose of doing it
Example: I will be designing a Prezi explaining the design cycle for grade 6. I will be explaining every stage and every step. I am doing this to help the kids next year to easily understand and apply the design cycle. In Prezi I will be using my knowledge to make the presentation as interesting as possible. The presentation can be shown to all ages above 9 years but i am specifically aiming my audience at grade 6 as they will be passing through the projects we passed through and hope fully the presentation of the design cycle will make it easier
Developing ideas
Why is it important that I design a Prezi about the design cycle? Because the younger years have to understand the design cycle in a different way and in a more detailed way. This can help society by informing them about the IB but it is most importantly specified for younger years so it would be easier for them to pass IT

Example: 1. What is the MYP design cycle?
2. What are the stages of the MYP design cycle?
3. What are the steps of the MYP design cycle?
4. Explain each stage.
5. Explain each step.
6. Give examples for each one of them?

develop a design specification
make a list of specifications of what the project should have

example: This is an example of a good Design Specification for a Clock Project:

•Must use the Quartz analogue clock movement provided.
•The movement is 55mm x 55mm x 15mm, so it must be larger that 55mm x 55mm.
•Should be smaller that 300mm x 300mm due to the size of the hands.
•Cannot be thicker that 5mm due to the length of the movement shaft.
•Should have a theme that reflects the results from my survey.
•Must be original in its design.
•Should be made from MDF, timber or acrylic as are the most suitable.
•Must be able to be made in the TIS workshop.
•Can not be too difficult to make.
•Must be cost effective to make.
•Should be easy to read.
•Should be safe. (No sharps edges, non-toxic)
•Must be able to hang on the wall securely
•Must be able to be made in the time provided.
•Must tell the time!

Develop design ideas
draw or design a sketch that fits you design specification. Making more than one is usually better.
present the chosen design
present you final design and justify what it has
develop planning drawing/ diagrams
develop a detailed and accurate drawing/diagram outlining the requirements for the creation
Creating the solution
plan the steps to create a solution to the problem. And plan prototypes enough for testing and evaluating
construct a logical plan
make a logical plan that describes the efficient use of time and resources enough for others to follow and create a solution
demonstrate technical skills
demonstrate excellent technical skills when making the solution
follow the plan to make the solution
follow the plan you made which is supposed to work as you wanted it too
justify changes made to the design
show and did any changes made to the design
you test your final design and see if it was successful or not if not reflect on how you would change it next time. Don’t forget to what audience you are presenting to.
design testing methods
design detailed and relevant testing methods to measure the success of the solution
evaluate the success of the solution
carefully evaluate the solution to the design specification
explain how the solution could be improved
say and explain next time how it can be better
explain the impact of the solution
explain the impact of the solution on the audience
you write a detailed specification which gives you the steps to designing the solution
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