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19 Minutes Book Project

No description

Kristina Cordova

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of 19 Minutes Book Project

19 Minutes
by Jodi Picoult
19 Minutes Book Project
Banned-Book unit
example by Kristina Cordova

Why was it banned?
19 Minutes was banned from certain classrooms, for profanity and violence. Other attempts to ban 19 Minutes were outvoted, but the school administration determined that if the book were to be taught in classrooms, the teacher must get parental permission to allow their students to read the book for school. 19 Minutes has been used in many school districts as an anti-bullying awareness resource.
ABC Book with quotes
Crossword Puzzle
Book Recommendation
Book Background
Jodi Picoult speaks about being inspired to write a book about bullying and school shootings by her own children’s experiences with bullies and the unfortunate prevalence of school shootings around the country. She recorded a podcast about her reasons for writing the book for her readers and others who may have been concerned about a fictional account of terrifying events. Picoult published 19 minutes in 2007, at a time in which many school shootings had happened and were happening still. She clearly wanted to pass along a message about open-mindedness and acceptance. She even includes questions for using the book in anti-bullying awareness in schools and puts links to other awareness websites for this purpose.
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