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Pit Bulls & Propaganda

No description

noelle baldwin

on 25 June 2016

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Transcript of Pit Bulls & Propaganda

Pit Bulls & Propaganda
But news headlines don't lie......
...or do they?
Pit Bulls have been made into villians...
Some facts about pit bulls:
getting bitten by a dog.......................................... 1.5%
dying from a dog attack............................. .00001%
dying from the flu virus........................................ .01%
dying from cigarette smoke................................ .14%
Dog Bite Statistics
Your chances of:
dying in a car accident........................................... .01%
How many of you know someone who was killed by a dog?
How many of you have been hospitalized by a dog attack?
Pit Bulls are vicious killers, right?
There's an estimated 310 million human beings in the United States, and 78 million dogs.
According the NCRC, there were 31 dog bite related fatalities in 2011, and 34 in 2012. Dog bite fatalities are extremely RARE.
did you notice the difference between the first two headlines and the last one?
Papers were 9 times more likely to include the breed of the dog in the headline when the story involved a "pit bull."
Only 8% of news articles reporting on a dog attack mentioned the breed in the name of the article if the breed was NOT a pit bull; compared to 68% of news articles that cited "pit bull" in the headline when reporting on a "pit bull" attack.
The term "Pit Bull," when properly used, refers to American Pit Bull Terriers, American Stafforshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.
However, the media has used the term "pit bull" with reckless inaccuracy. Boxers, Mastiffs, Bulldogs, Rottweilers, and dogs that possess one or more of these breeds, have been inaccurately categorized as pit bulls. Only 2 out of 100 canine professionals surveyed were able to correctly identify the breed.
Can you find the pit bull? http://www.understand-a-bull.com/Findthebull/findpitbull_v3.html
And some myths......
People tend to think pit bulls are inherently vicious, however according the American Temperament Testing Society (ATTS), pit bulls scored 81.7% or higher when tested. This is higher than many breeds considered to be "docile" or "non-vicious," including Golden Retrievers (81.1%), and Beagles (78.7%). A healthy, well-cared for, and loved pit bull will NEVER exhibit aggressive behavior towards people.
It is reported that pit bulls have locking jaws when they bite and they can exert 1,000's of pounds of pressure per sq. inch when they clamp their jaws down. This is absolutely ABSURD! Of German Shepherd and Rottweilers, pit bulls tested with the LOWEST jaw strength of the three. And there is no special way that pit bulls bite - their jaws are physically the same as any other dogs' jaws.
Wait, only drug dealers own pit bulls right? Again, not true. Theodore Roosevelt, Alicia Silverstone, Jon Stewart, and Fred Astaire are all reported to have owned pit bulls.
Supposedly, Pit bulls who exhibit aggression towards other dogs are said to be human aggressive as well. False. Dog-on-dog aggression is very different than dog-on-human aggression, and pit bulls are originally known for their gentle disposition with people.
Some controllable factors that may lead to a dog bite:
The dog is un-neutered/unspayed. This increases a dog's liklihood of biting by 2.5 times.
As a result of this propaganda, over 600 municipalities in the US have enacted Breed Specific Legislation, which bans or restricts the type of dog you can own. All pit bulls are seen as vicious, no matter what....
The dog is a" resident dog," NOT a family pet.
The dog is overly stressed by environmental factors - this may be a result of children who play too rough, or extremely loud sounds.
The dog has been treated poorly by its owners or forced to be overly aggressive (dog fighting) and doesn't know how to properly interact with people.
Bad genetics as a result of bad breeding and mental instability.
BSL is not the answer...so what can we do?
Dog bites can be prevented. Never approach a dog that you don't know and try to pet him/her. Don't make eye contact and allow the dog smell your hands. Act confidant, dogs can sense fear.
Never never never leave your child alone with a dog of any breed! A pomeranian mauled an infant to death while the adult stepped out of the room the make the baby's bottle.
Educate yourself and your family about a dog's breed, temperament, and requirements for care before you adopt. Dogs are not one size fits all and are not meant to be left outside. Children especially need to learn how to respect and interact with dogs.
Encourage legislation that punishes irresponsible pet owners, not the breed itself.
and when in doubt......
Get a
Remember that ALL DOGS BITE!
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