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Birthday Polynomial Project

No description

Sarah Burns

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Birthday Polynomial Project

The y-intercept is where the line crosses the y axis. In this case, it is y= 7. To find the y- intercept using a calculator, solve for x=0.
The zeros are where the line crosses the x axis. In this case, there is one zero, which is x= -1.3. To find the zero using a calculator, you use the zero function. After clicking left and right bound, you make a guess and the x value is given.
Degree of the Polynomial
The degree of this polynomial is 5, or quintic. The degree is determined by the highest exponent, which is 5, in this case.
Birthday Polynomial Project
Classifying a Polynomial
A polynomial can be classified by degree and number of terms. This polynomial is a quintic polynmial of 5 terms, becasue the degree is 5 and there are 5 terms.
End Behavior
End behavior is based on the first term in a polynomial. In this case, a is positive and n is odd. Therefore the end behavior is down and up.
Intervals of Increase/ Decrease
In this polynomial, all values of x are increasing except for -0.8<x<0.2. This is determined by looking at the line. Except for the specified region, it goes upwards.
Local Max and Min
The local max and min are the high and low peaks respectivly. They are determined by using the maximum and minmum funtions on the calculator. For each one, you have to click a left and right bound point and then a guess. In this case, the max is (-0.8, 19.7) and the min is (0.2, 6).
Describing Me
I made this polynomial using the numbers from my birthday, November 17, 1997 (11171997). I chose this one to describe me because it looks like waves. Many different types of waves are explained in science. I am refering to waves used in computers in particular, because I plan to focus on computers in college.
Sarah Burns
Period 2
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