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iProspect: 10 Ways Data is Changing Journalism

Simon Rogers - The Guardian UK

Simon Rogers

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of iProspect: 10 Ways Data is Changing Journalism

1 10 ways data is changing journalism 2 3 Bigger Datasets... ...smaller things 4 ...smaller things 5 ...smaller things 6 ...smaller things 7 ...smaller things You Don't have to be a Developer ...but sometimes it helps 8 ...smaller things 9 10 Data journalism
80% perspiration + 10% great idea + 10% output It's (still) about the stories "The new world will be a place of answers
and no questions, because the only questions left will be answered by computers, because only computers will know what to ask" James Cameron, 1969 Simon Rogers

simon.rogers@guardian.co.uk None of this is new “Comment is free, but…” Facts are sacred "At all times such information it contains is valuable; because without knowing … the best opinions which can be formed of the condition and future progress of society must be necessarily incorrect" It's the new normal It's all About Curation We Will Be Data Providers Simon Rogersguardian.co.uk/data@datastorefb.com/guardiandataguardiandata.tumblr.comsimon.rogers@guardian.co.uk Crowdsourcing ≠ Data Open Data Means Open Data Journalism Good Design Matters The new short-form Data journalism 80% perspiration + 10% great idea + 10% output this link is probably giving credit to some image, but I don't know which Making it truly public "The people who cast
the votes don't decide
an election, the people
who count the votes do" Raw data now
Give elections
to the people
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