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Play as rehearsal and preparation

Theories and key points

Clare Farr

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Play as rehearsal and preparation

Play as rehearsal and preparation
Play as rehearsal
Play can be used as a key tool for children to rehearse for adult life, they can practice and develop skills that will be vital for their future as both a growing child and adult.
Play as rehearsal
"In 1972
stated that one of the main functions of child's play was to rehearse actions to various real-life scenarios in a safe, risk free environment so that when confronted with a difficult situation it would not be so stressful" (www.ehow.com)
Play as rehearsal
saw play as a vital aid to all areas of personal development, she felt it could be used as an aid to self expression in order to help release their feelings which in turn gave them opportunities for children to rehearse ways of dealing with emotions, which could then be put into practice when faced with similar future situations. We can link
to the EYFS " While playing, children can express fears adn relive anxious experiences" (http://eyfs.info
Play as rehearsal
Saracho and Spodek
In 1998
Saracho and Spodek
described two approaches to play these included 'play as pre-exercise', they described how play is a key way to prepare children for adult life, they saw that children were practicing and rehearsing adult skills within their play experiences.
Play as preparation
As identified before this can be closely linked to play as rehearsal. But the unique aspect of play as preparation in that children will use play to prepare for a variety of reasons and again this can be both future and present and could include preparation for moving, divorce, going into hospital, going to school, work, playing a specific game, moving onto next stages of development etc
Play as preparation
Play is also a vital source for children to be able to prepare for a situation, event or skill, this can be for the present and future tense
John Dewey
is a key theorist in this arena of play and according to Dewey" Play is a subconscious activity that helps an individual develop mentally and socially. It should be seperate from work as play helps a child to grow into a working world." (www.ehow.com)
Other Key theorists
Other theories to consider for play as rehearsal and preparation are:
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