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Copy of Round and Flat Characters

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Jamie Barber

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Round and Flat Characters

Round vs. Flat
Round Character
- Usually the main character is round
- Develops throughout the story
- Complex
- Well developed and seems to be real
- We see many sides to a Round
Spider-man is a Round Character
We see him as a Nerd
We see him as Romantic
We see him as sad
Flat Character
And we see him as a fearless, brave hero.
- Usually the supporting characters. Often the
antagonist is a flat character.
- Not as complex or detailed as a round
- We usually only see one side to this character.

Cato from The Hunger Games is a flat Character.
We only see him as a ruthless killer.
Voldemort is flat.
We only see his evil side.
Darth Maul is Flat
We only see the Dark Side in him.
Name some Round Characters.
Name some flat characters.


Dynamic Character
- Under goes an important change in the story.
- Usually the Protagonist of the story is dynamic.
Not only is Batman a dynamic character because he changes from a billionaire playboy to a hero, but Spider-man, who we saw as a round character, is also dynamic. A lot of times a Round character is also a Dynamic Character and vice-versa.
Spider-man starts out as a shy, nerdy student.
To someone who abuses and struggles with his powers.
And then changes to the hero we all know and love.
It is important to note that all dynamic changes in characters may not be good.
Like Darth Vader, Two-Face from Batman changed from a good to evil.
Static Character
- Character does not undergo any change
- Remains the same throughout.
- Static characters are usually bad guys
(antagonist). However, they can be good
guys too.

The Joker is Static. He is a homicidal manic to the end. Notice the Joker is also flat. Often, flat and static characters go hand in hand.
The Emperor is Static
President Snow is Static
Stock Characters
Types of Characters
Round vs. Flat
Dynamic vs. Static
Name Some Flat Characters
Round, Flat, Dynamic, and Static Characters
An individual who takes part in the action of the story


Characters that are most important in the story

Major Characters

Characters that are most important in the story
Major Characters:
Characters that enrich the story and take part in the action but are not the main focus
Minor Characters:

Main character in the story; this character’s conflict is central to the plot

Character or force that is in conflict with the protagonist
-A character in a story who follows typical patterns or stereotypes
-A type of character that appears in many
Nerdy Character
Handsome Prince
Damsel in Distress
Let's Practice everything you've learned so far this year:
1. Watch the video.
2. Fill out the information sheet.
3. You and an assigned partner will create a poster of the information you have found.
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