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Overview of Moviemaking

No description

Nick Kuiper

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Overview of Moviemaking

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli VERVIEW OF MOVIE MAKING What makes your favorite movie,
your favorite? What makes a movie GOOD ? Great script stunning visuals exceptional acting amazing effects phenomenal directing The in charge PEOPLE Usually hired FIRST Comes up with CONCEPT Finds FUNDING Often involved in CREATIVE process (Executive Producer) Involved in MANY different projects NOT usually involved in the creative process Could be from the STUDIO Also represents INVESTORS (Producer) (Director) Film's ultimate VISION the actors INSTRUCTS Makes CHANGES to the script In charge of ALL creative aspects (Director of Photography) In charge of VISUALS LIGHT COLOR COMPOSITION (writer) STORY works off TREATMENT develops Original Script Idea TREATMENT tory S Script meetings Re-writes Shooting Script Idea Script MEETINGS Copyright Agreement Screenplay Re-writes Shooting Script Adaptation Above-the-line Below-the-line fixed salaries share in profits usually creative directors producers writers main cast paid a wage don't share in profits editors camera ops engineers production design Concept Goals and objectives Audience genre distribution RESEARCH What is involved in PRODUCTION Research? Finding sources for the idea Discussing practicality Choosing the equipment Checking feasibility costs help facilities/space problems time REMOTE SURVEYS Sketches Contact and Schedule Camera locations Lighting Audio Safety Power Communications Logistics Security Other Crew Associate Producer does jobs assigned by producer finds product placement Line Producer on set during filming makes sure production is smooth helps breakdown script Script Supervisor in charge of continuity Unit Production Manager manager of production
in charge of script breakdown Production Designer in charge of: Sets
Effects ACTORS Principal Supporting Bit players Extras Stand-ins Stunts
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