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Economic Condition in Italy during WWII

World War 2 Italian Economics

Yukako Ito

on 22 May 2011

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Transcript of Economic Condition in Italy during WWII

in Italy during WWII Economic Conditions By: Yukako ito Italy's Role in WWII Industrialization plan to attain "sustained economic development." [1]

The level of development, however did not allow the country to fight the war or win it.

The participation engaged Italy's industrial technology and created a path for an "economic miracle." [1] [2] A more sustained coal supply.

Due to alliance with Germany, however, Italy's imports from UK and USA decreased. Industrial production declined, but Germany did supply Italy with coal and steel. Navy Air Force Army Military -Got most of the nation's resources
-Losses mostly because of the lack of strategy and cooperation with the air force and some technical insufficiencies. -Record-breaking aeroplanes
-Efforts reduced the amount of planes and turned towards engine quality improvement -"late...and not very effective" [1]
-"Remained an infantry"=not enough means of transportation.
-LACKED ORGANIZATION Although a great industry sprouted, Italy could not balance quantity and quality. Most of the Italian efforts went to supporting the military and war "with thousands of tons of food, blankets, vehicles, fuel, medicines and other supplies" [5], leaving people with "a daily struggle for survival" [5] on the home front. Economy was so poor, that meat became scarce. The cat population became close to none and even small birds were considered a prize. The long sunny seasons did allow Italian agriculture to prosper, though their marketing system broke down and each day the miles of picked land increased. Food was also traded with Germany in exchange for oil and gasoline. The cost of living had doubled since Italy's entrance of the War. This became a burden to most Italian workers, wages very limited since the war began.
People with money often turned to the black market, providing food from peasants who worked the gardens and farms in Italy. Many of these peasants made rounds of the cities also, delivering to "steady customers." [5] Bibliography [1] Harrison, Mark. "Italy: How to Lose the War and Win the Peace." The Economics of World War II: Six Great Powers in International Comparison. New York: Cambridge UP, 1998. 177+. Google Books. Web. 18 May 2011. <http://books.google.com/books?id=ZgFu2p5uogwC>.
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