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Do The Right Thing Presentation

No description

Johnny Preston

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Do The Right Thing Presentation

Do The Right Thing
is a film directed by and starring Spike Lee. It was released in 1989 to some controversy due to its racial tension.
Plot Development and Turning Points
Visual Design
Critical Response and Questions for the Film
No solution that is reached. A man has been killed and a neighbourhood pizzeria is destroyed. Nothing has been accomplished through the series of events. Is this the point of the film? That violence and hate accomplish nothing and destroy more than create?

Although it is the police that kill Radio Raheem after the attack on the pizzeria, Sal is blamed because the cops were called.

At the end of the film two quotes are shown, one from Martin Luther King Jr. and one from Malcolm X, both with opposing ideas of violence and non-violence.

Has Mookie "Done The Right Thing"in the end of the film?
Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing
Da Mayor
Salvatore "Sal" Fragione
Buggin' Out
Radio Raheem
Plot Point/Rising Action
Building Towards
The Climax
Turning Point
Characters relevant to plot and action within

The Right Thing
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