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Roles and Identity in Public Health

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Tracey O'Neill

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Roles and Identity in Public Health

Lesson objectives
1)To identify changes from Health & Social Care Act (2012) at National and Local level

3)To discuss and review emerging roles and identities in public health

4) For students to reflect on their own role in in public health in relation to learning outcome 5 in portfolio
Many changes in health and social care from the H&SC Act (2012)

Abolished primary care trusts

New Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG's)

Re-cap from last week - how has this changed how decisions are made in health and social care?

Health and Social Care Act (2012)

What are the consequences ??
At local level
Although many welcome the move, it could be argued that there are few resources to help local authority officers and teams identify 'what works' in improving public health and reducing health inequalities.

The last time local authorities had responsibility for public health was in 1974

Is it a good move ??

Is it a good move ??
As the Director of Public Health will now be situated in local authorities

They will be judged on Public Health Outcomes framework (2013 - 2016)

(L05 portfolio)


New roles in public health
Changes at local level
1) Do you think local authorities are better suited in delivering public health?
Think about social determinants of health model

2) How will the new changes in the responsibility for public health influence roles and identities in the field?

3) Reflect on your current role in relation to this framework

Discuss (30 min) feedback to class

What does this mean for public health ?
The changes brought in by the Health and Social Care Act mean that local government will now be responsible for local public health improvement functions, and will be given a ring-fenced budget to deliver them.


Health and Social Care Act 2012
Changes at a
national level
Public Health England
– a new national body which will deliver specialist public health services and
advice to national and local government as well as coordinating nationwide health protection work, such as vaccination programmes. It will also assist the development of national public health campaigns.

• Health Watch England –
this will be an independent body which champions consumer interests related to health and social care in England by gathering data and representing the views of the general public and patients. This body replaces LINks;

Local authorities will have a new role in commissioning care and support services, and protecting and improving health and well being.

They are expected to use their knowledge of their communities and work together with health and care providers, community groups, and other agencies to tackle local public health challenges
A Director of Public Health will be employed by local authorities but appointed in coordination with Public Health England.

The Director will be the principal adviser on health for elected members and officials, and will be charged with delivering key new public health functions.

Emerging Roles and Identities in Public Health
Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) will consist of GP’s, other health professionals and lay members who will be responsible for commissioning services for their local community
from any service provider which meets NHS standards and costs.

They are expected to work with local organizations and partners to design services which meet the needs of the local population.
Changes at local level
What is the impact of health and social care reforms ?

What has changed at nation / local level?

How will new public health roles be defined ?
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