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A profile of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the Faculty of Education

Rob Campbell

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of EDUC2

strengths Math/Science | Trades | French | Humanities | Middle School + Teacher


Work Assignments
Associate: 3/3
Assistant: 3/2
No Full Professors EDUCATION Programs Teacher Education / Curriculum (15)
Educational Psychology (1)
Educational Administration (1)
Seconded out (2) Post third year-2 years
Post Degree-2 Years
Year 1: 60
Year 2: 61 En'owkin Partnership--1 year Developmental Standard Term Certificate
Modifying to regular ETEP plus Indigenous language courses 12- month Certification:
Math/Science (28) | French (12) | Trades (7) | Humanities (13) | Middle School (26)
2010: Planned STEP modification to become a 13-month BEd
2011: Planned Specialization in Physical Education
Should programs be driven by student demand or professional market demand? Summer Institute (25 one-credit seminars)
Professional Development Courses Elementary (ETEP)
Aboriginal (ATEP)
Secondary (STEP)
Graduate MEd/MA Teaching and Learning (22) (17)
MEd Teaching and Learning in China (24)
MEd/MA Educational Technology (18)
MEd/MA Educational Leadership and Adminstration (13)
Education for Sustainable Development (planned) Faculty Complement Community Relationships Districts #19, 22, 23, 51, 53, 67
New program: required Indigenous Education, Special Ed, ESL
Strong Practicum Placements
Student Employment
Successful Post-Baccalaureate Programs
Successful Graduate Programs: Thesis and Project-Based
International Practica: China, Australia, Mexico, Germany, Egypt
Graduate Students in China--Maple Leaf cohort
International Undergrads (BA/BSc + BEd | 40 per year desired)

Special Education
Cognitive Studies and Learning Theory
Early Learning
Developmental Psychology Adult Education
Community Education
School Leadership
Principal Preparation
Educational Finance
Corporate Education
Supervision (86) (94) 32 Inclusive Education Certificate and Diploma (90)
2010: Early Learning
2010: Language and Literacy Education
2011: ESL
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