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A'marien Jackson

No description

lib hist

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of A'marien Jackson

A'Marien Jackson
Private: Sammy L. Davis
Who Is Sammy Davis?
Sammy Davis is a men who showed marvelous honor in battle, a man who loves his country, and a man who sacrificed his life to saved his crewman. This man will be forever remembered.
Sammy L. Davis
Well, as we can tell Sammy Davis was a man that we all can think for so much support. He showed sacrifice, valor, patriotism, and honor. This man was so marvelous people made a movie about called Forrest Gump.
Sammy L. Davis showed marvelous honor by showing great respect to his country and fellow men.Davis was a private, first class, he seized a machine gun to protect, save, and secure his crewmen and base.
Sammy L. Davis risk his life when his crewmen were under attack by the Vietnamese's. Sammy use a machine gun to fight off the the vietnamese, and with no ability to swim grabbed an air mattress and saved two crewman.
Sammy showed great valor by serving in the army and especially in battle.
Sammy Davis is a true patriot. He stood up for his country and fellow men. He joined the army to protect his country.
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