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Yr 10 - Wall Street Crash - Devizes School

No description

Glen Baldwin

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of Yr 10 - Wall Street Crash - Devizes School

What am I talking about?
1. It comes from America
2. It could be both good and bad
3. It helped form a circle
4. Two of them - different names
5. It was worth billions
The Dawes and Young Plans
WALT: To understand what the WSC was and its effects on German politics.


All of you will be able to describe the impact of the WSC on Germany

Most of you will be able to link the WSC with the rise of the Nazi Party

Some of you will be able to decide if the Nazi Party was in control of its own luck (this is a 4-6 lesson WALT!)
Watch this video - make rough notes in the back of your book - you will use these notes to create a fact sheet
To support you, use pages 38-39
of the purple books and pages 34-35
of the turquoise books.
You must include:

Link WSC to Germany
List effects of depression
German govt reaction
So, what happens next?
It's time to go back ... back in time ... back to 1924
Mission - Using the text and sources on pages 30-35 (T) or 31-34 (P) you are to create a threat analysis of Hitler and his party in the period 1924-1929

Suggested headings are:

Election results (1924, 1928)

Actions taken after prison


Why they are failing
Big Question
What would explain why the Nazi Party has such varied election results?
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