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Informative, analytical and argumentative coursework

No description

Miss lowe

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Informative, analytical and argumentative coursework

Informative, analytical
and argumentative coursework
LO: To understand coursework assignment and to explore different ways of approaching the chosen theme. How to inform, analyse
and argue Step One Research into the topic Task... Homework Remember... Features of an anaytical text... Features of an argumentative text... Features of an informative text... Purpose Audience and Style Your target audience will be teenagers
who are faced with similar issues.
Therefore, your style of writing with
be relatively informal. General information around the subject
Contextual background
Different viewpoints
Analyse or comment on information/facts/figures/opinions.
Compare and contrast to create links between individual pieces of information.
Writing in this way can be used to support your argument.

A form of persuasive writing.
You are trying to put forward an opinion that the audience may not agree with.
Show your audience that your opinion is valid.
Support with evidence.
Present a counter argument (but use it to your advantage)

How you present
this is dependent
upon the
AUDIENCE LO: To look at the topic of
'body image' or 'image'
in today's society from
a variety of angles
to prompt further
research into a chosen area. Read the article.
Identify the following:
What is the article about?
What information does it give us and in what form?
What is the main argument of the article?
What is your own view on the article?
How does the article relate to the wider topic of 'image'?

Pick one person from the group to present to the rest
of the class.
10 mins....GO! Begin to research into an area
related to 'body image' or 'image'
that interests you. GASP Genre, audience, style, purpose Your assignment... Genre: you are going to produce a magazine article based on the subject of body image/image within today's society. The purpose of your article will be to inform
your target audience on a particular subject
related to the wider theme of 'image' or 'body
image'. You will have to analyse the subject in detail (e.g. different viewpoints, evidence etc.) and argue a particular viewpoint that you believe in. Body image/image
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