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Sucess in PIP

No description

Tim Chen

on 7 September 2013

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Transcript of Sucess in PIP

Sucess in PIP
Why do a PIP?
Learn valuable primary and secondary research skills such as; interview, focus group and questionnaire techniques.

Expertise in gathering information from books, journals and electronic sources.

Experience an exhilarating sense of achievement by becoming an “expert” on the chosen topic.

Develop the independent learning skills which are useful in the future.

The Way out
The full name is Personal Interest Project. 40% of the HSC mark from this task which is done over a period of seven or eight months, is supposed to end up close to six thousand words and you have to even make up the topic yourself.
What is PIP?
Case study;
Participant observation;
Content analysis;
Focus group;
Action research;
Questionnaire; Interview;
Statistical analysis;
Ethnographic study;
Personal reflection;
Secondary research

Getting started
The topics of PIP can be:

Your family or personal world;
A social issue you already feel strongly about;
Issues arising from Society and Culture or other classes;
Social issues arising from films, novels, TV documentaries, magazines, “net” browsing; Class discussions;
Inspiration from past PIPs and past Society and Culture students;
Inspirational people in your student’s life;
Involvement in community activities;
Interests and hobbies;
Future career ideas

Don’t be PANIC; you have your teacher’s assistance!

The structure of a PIP
The Introduction (500 words)
The Log (500 words)
The Central Material (2500 – 4000 words)
The Conclusion (500 words)
Resource list (no word limit)
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