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Weight Control with SLIMALUMA

No description

Solchem Nature

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Weight Control with SLIMALUMA

Slimaluma® Suppress your appetite
with Carullama fimbriata Lose weight
in a healthy manner Feel great
and full of energy Presentation and application
of the product It also significantly reduces your blood sugar levels. Another significant result that was evaluated by the researchers was the reduction in the quantity of refined sugar, cakes, cholesterol and saturated fats at the end of the trial along with an increase in regular consumption in fruits and vegetables.

Slimaluma® also reduces fat storage in adipocite cells, thus produces a decrease in body fat mass acumulation at the waist level. Slimaluma®, from Caralluma fimbriata is specifically indicated to weight control: Slimaluma® is an special extract from Caralluma fimbriata, a cactus like plant that has a long history of use in India.

It was also traditionally used by local tribes to fight agains hunger during starving periods. Reduces your appetite and stop hunger cravings throughout the day. Slimaluma® is standardized in:
25% pregnane glycosides
10% total saponins
3% bitter principles.

This extract is 98% water soluble. Revert to a healthy lifestyle Weight Control with A clinical study made with Slimaluma® showed significant weight loss for those taking Slimaluma® in the trial compared to placebo control.

The appetite was significantly decreased, with a positive impact on body weight, body mass and fat loss being dramatic. Slimaluma® is advisable to be used in hard capsule due to its strong flavour although it can be presented in tablets and liquid forms.
For these presentations a proper combination with aroma is advisable. Look and feel better
reducing your body fat It burns fat and calories by blocking the activity of several fat forming enzymes, forcing fat reserves to be burned.

Has been clinically proved that Slimaluma® reduces appetite with a consequent decrease of calories intake that it is a positive change in dietary habits, and also a reduction in waist circumference. More information contact with us: montse@solchem.es
export@solchem.es www.solchem.es Reduction of calorie intake
Supress appetite
Loss of intra-abdominal fat
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