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Resume Workshop_IA State 2013

No description

Stith Keiser

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Resume Workshop_IA State 2013

Thank You!
Who Am I?
Stith Keiser
Hiring Market
Pre-Resume Planning
Resume Design
Bayer/Brakke Study
Assessing Your Skills/Interests
Analyzing Employment Options and Identifying Ones that Fit Your Vision
Understanding Your Worth
Know Your Priorities
Your Brand
Internships: Who’s Doing Them and Why?
Want to practice better quality medicine
Planned to pursue a residency
Believed they needed more training
Earn More Money
Vet Med Today: Facts and Figures. JAVMA, Vol 239, No. 8, October 15, 2012
What Do Internships Cost?
Applications, Accumulating Loan Interest, Lost Wages, Loans To Live Plus Interest………
50,000 to 60,000/ year
(Potential cost ~$100,000)***

Hourly Breakdown:
60 hr/wk, 51 wk/yr
(Internship) vs. 45hr/wk, 51 wk/yr

*** numbers of grads are completing two internships in hopes of landing a residency (38% did)– and still not getting the one they sought!
Curriculum Vitae:“Course of Life”
CVs are for Internships/Academia/Research
CVs include:
GPA/Class Rank
Letters of Reference
Traditional vs. Electronic
Professional Summary
Work Experience
Related Activities/Interests
Awards and Honors
Six Key Resume Sections
Chronological Resume Example
Combination Resume Example
Iowa State University, Ames, IA May 2014
Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine
Graduated May, 2010, Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences, Cum Laude

University of Illinois Veterinary School January, 2013
Certificate of Completion, Veterinary Dental Course
Veterinary Management Institute, Krannert School of Management (completion in 2012) Courses covering human resource management, financial management, marketing, and strategic planning for veterinary practices.
National Business Certificate through the Veterinary Business Management Association: Earned by attending at least 15 hours of classes focusing on finance, practice ownership, business operations and management, employee management and leadership
Advanced Small Animal Surgery - Completed additional spay/neuter procedures and discussed advanced surgical techniques
VIDA VOLUNTEER TRAVEL, Costa Rica August 2011
Veterinary Volunteer
Attended a service trip to Costa Rica, where veterinary students performed spay and neuter procedures under veterinary supervision.
Worked through language barriers to explain post-operative care, preventative medicine, and population control
Developed proficiency and efficiency in spay and neuter procedures by performing eight solo procedures and assisting with many more

Work Experience
Oak Park Animal Hospital, Oak Park, IL 2007 - 2009
Head Veterinary Assistant
Educated clients on preventative care and discussed treatment recommendations
Obtained and documented complete medical histories while assessing vital signs
Performed dental cleanings, monitored patients during anesthesia, interpreted fecal examinations and assisted with physical exams, inpatient and outpatient treatments
Performed front desk duties through answering phones, scheduling appointments, and discussing treatment regimens with clients
Work Experience II
Professional Affiliations
Continuing Education
Professional Interests

Don’t note passive activities that make you look sedentary
Experts once advised against noting religious involvement – That has changed. It telegraphs integrity, an important quality.
Related Activities
AAHA Student Leadership Team May 2012-May 2013
Team leader
Planned AAHA events, including club fairs, membership drives , fundraisers, and book sales and informed students of AAHA’s goals and mission
Oversaw and lead the selection and training of team members
Acted as a liaison between students, faculty, practitioners, and AAHA
Increased AAHA student membership by 47% at Iowa State
Member, Veterinary Business Management Association
Related Activities
Cat Tail Farms, Webberville, MI: Sep. 2002 – May 2007
Vice President/volunteer coordinator: 400+ hours
Recruited Michigan State University students weekly to help sanitize the feline sanctuary
Wrote monthly newsletters
Awards & Honors
Merck Award, April 2011
SCAVMA Scholarship, April 2011, April 2012
Simmons Educational Fund Business Aptitude Award, April 2013
Ask Before You Name!

Professional vs. Personal

Three References
Professional Summary: Why Me?
What to Include
Keywords that match those of the job description
Hard skills (professional and technical experience) / Soft skills (personal attributes)
Advanced degrees
Interesting achievements
Anything that sets one apart from other candidates
Food Animal - computers, epidemiology, economics, statistical and communication skill-sets.
What to Avoid
Avoid buzzwords:
Client Communication
Stay away from vague adjectives, such as “good," “excellent,” etc.
Don’t waste space by showcasing run-of-the-mill skills like stating your familiarity with MS Word or Excel.
Profile Examples
Honest and reliable, team player. Professional orientation is toward small animal preventative medicine, surgery and radiology. Friendly, outgoing, and good with clients. Embraces challenges and enjoys continuing education.
My goal is to obtain an associate position at a small animal practice that encourages client education, provides the highest quality of care and promotes progressive medicine. With my leadership and communication skills obtained from retail management and client service positions, I can further the practice’s development and growth. I also plan to contribute to client education and connect with both current and new clientele.
To obtain an associate position in a small animal private practice dedicated to high quality medicine, teamwork, and client service. I will contribute to the success of the practice by caring for exotic pets, applying my knowledge of animal behavior, further advancing my surgical skills, assisting with practice management, and developing a strong relationship with the community.

2012 U.S. Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook (gathered information from over 50,000 households to collect data on pet ownership, veterinary visits and spending in the spring of 2012)
Dog owner spending 18.6% from 2006. Cat owner spending 4.2%
Total veterinary visits for dogs 9.2%.
Veterinary visits for cats 4.4%
Household pet ownership over the past five years, down 2.4%; Horse ownership 16.7 % and household bird ownership 20.5 %
Pet Insurance expected to increase 11% annually through 2016
In addition, spending on boarding and grooming will be significant
Success Starts Here
Cultivating success from classroom to clinic
2012: 61.5% of students received at least one job offer by graduation, compared to 74.3% in 2011
2012: 63% of graduates only received one job offer
2012: Of those accepting an offer,
41.5% accepted an offer in private practice
3.3% in public/corporate practice
55% in advanced education
The Job Market
Facts & Figures: Employment, starting salaries, and education indebtedness of year 2012 graduates of US Veterinary Medical Colleges - JAVMA October 1st, 2012, Volume 241, Number 7
This type of information attracts others to you and can be the single reason someone calls you for an interview.
- Wendy Enelow
Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine
Ames, Iowa 05/19/12-06/03/12
Beef feedlot production medicine
Receiving programs, benchmarking animal health performance, and principles of treatment for feedlot cattle
Cow herd nutrition and breeding season evaluation
Work Experience III
Company Name

Dr So & So:

My name is ___ and I am interested in a swine veterinarian position with _____’s Pork team. Currently, there is a posting for a southern Iowa Live Pork Veterinarian that I am specifically interested in applying for. I possess several characteristics that I feel make me a strong candidate for this position.

My background in the swine industry is extensive and diverse. I grew up on 500-sow farrow-to-finish operation where I was involved with all aspects of production. Our small size required us to be to be nimble in making changes to stay efficient and to manage challenges. In addition to the family farm I have worked for several animal health and swine production companies. Specifically, I managed nursery diet trails, conducted necropsy training for field staff, developed an oral fluids submission protocol and surveillance program, and analyzed production and financial data for PRRSV elimination projects.
Being a part of a large and diverse team requires effective communication. I have developed my communication skill set through the variety of my experiences. Serving on the National Veterinary Business Management Association board was particularly rewarding as the duties were carried out almost exclusively over the phone, e-mail, and virtual meeting space. My one-on-one communication and professional presentation abilities have been refined through my experiences as a State FFA Officer, AASV Student Presenter, Pfizer’s DiSC training, and my diverse internship experiences.

To better prepare for a career in the production livestock industry I chose to pursue additional training in statistical analysis and business management. In addition to my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program I have completed a Master of Business Administration and a Veterinary Preventive Medicine Graduate Certificate. Both of these programs provided tools to aide in making sound science and business based decisions.

Thank you for your time and consideration for the southern Iowa Live Pork Veterinary position or other similar positions. My schedule is fairly flexible so please feel free to contact me using the information below or on my resume.

Search Strategies
Non-Veterinary Experience
Service Industry
Manual Labor
Non-Traditional Students

Your Resume as an Interview Tool
Client Communication
Work Ethic
Medical areas of interest (Dentistry, surgery, feline, exotics, etc)
What were your most significant contributions in your last job/externship/club, etc?
What steps will you take to build your client base?
Are there any areas where you are looking for improvement?

Average Starting Salary (w/o internships):
2012: $65,404
Average internship salary:
2012: $29,628
Average Student Debt:
2012: $151,672
% of Graduates with a Job Offer
Salary by position type

The Job Market - 2013 Grads
Salary Statistics by Employment Type

Facts & Figures: Employment, starting salaries, and educational indebtedness of year-2013 graduates of US veterinary medical colleges. Vol 243, No. 7, October 1, 2013
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