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Bullying at work

No description

Organ Psycho

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Bullying at work

Bullying and emotions Ann-Sophie Buyse,
Caroline Van Wesenbeeck, `
Freek Op 't Roodt,
Jev Tanchinski,
Paula Alegre Gonzalez,
Simon Ulrix,
Arnaud Peeters,
Elyne Vandebroek,
Johanna Wilhelm,
Sofie Campens,
Frank Vercruysse,
Samuel Bonete,
Geert Du Bois,
Katrien Vanassche,
Valentijn Verheije,
Sara De Winter,
Jacqueline Kraan,
Caroline Swinnen Overview presentation Example 1 2 3 Emotions in general Workplace bullying Definition Causes Consequences Solutions Conclusion >< moods

Decision making Emotions in general
Day of the week / time of the day
Frequency and intensity = personal
Age and sex differences
Lack of sleep
Social activity
Exercise What are emotions? Function at the workplace? Sources Source

Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. A. 2013. Organizational Behavior. (15th ed.). Essex: Pearson. Einarsen, S. 1999. The nature and causes of bullying at work. International journal of manpower. What is bullying?
“(...)all those repeated actions and practices that are directed to one or more workers, which are unwanted by the victim (deliberately or unconsciously), but cause humiliation, offence and distress. This can interfere with job performance and unpleasant work environment.”
(Hadjifotiou, 1983)
Difference in power.

We distinguish 5 kinds of bullying at work:
Work related
Social isolation
Personal attacks
Verbal threats (humiliation in public)
Physical violence. Employer NewHolland 44 years old, victim of 4 bullies.

Bullies pay € 15 000 to the victim and 6 months suspended sentence.

The emotional impact on the personal life of the victim is enormous:
- 20 months sick leave
- Humiliation
- Inferiority
- Long therapeutic treatments
- A life living in fear
- Trauma? NewHolland Dispute related bullying
Interpersonal conflict

Predatory bullying
Three main reasons:
Competion (about status and job position)
Aggressor being uncertain
(personality of aggressor?) Emotions’ viewpoint TARGET
Anger, resentment and fear
Lowered self-esteem
Stress Negative effects
Lifelong effects
Self-integrity and identity

Third parties
Effects on witnesses

Lower creativity
Greater stress

Lower job satisfaction
Higher level of substance use
Leads to workplace injuries and illnesses
Forces employees out of jobs ORGANIZATION BULLYING EMOTIONS Our improvements
E.g. pay for medical cost
Contact point listen without judgement
Prevent positive evaluation: 360° evaluation
External investigators
Give expertise
Teach upper management
Objective Anti bullying policies
Give definition and examples
Sign statement
Everyone part of developing process + engagement
Top level commitment
Behavior person representative of the organization set the tone for other organizational members' interaction Negative emotions as a consequence of bullying Assertiveness training course
Create positive environment
Positive language
Team building Fear Anxiety Frustration Helplessness Stress Anger Resentment Video Video Lazarus, S. Folkman, 1984 De Standaard 2012. Slachtoffer krijgt 15000 euro. http://www.standaard.be/artikel/detail.aspx?artikelid=DMF20120920_00304429 seen on 22/10/2012 Einarsen, S. 1999. The nature and causes of bullying at work. International journal of manpower. Carbo, J. 2009. Strenghthening the workplace act (...). Journal of workplace rights.

Martin, W., & LaVan, H. 2010. Workplace bullying: a review of litigated cases. Springer Science + Business Media.

Bechtoldt, M. N., & Schmitt, K. D. 2010. It's not my fault, it's theirs (...). Journal of occupational and organizational psychology. Carbo, J. 2009. Strenghthening the workplace act (...). Journal of workplace rights.

Einarsen, S. 1999. The nature and causes of bullying at work. International journal of manpower. Practical solutions
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