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No description

Sabrina Di Prata

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Divergent

Main Characters
Secondary Characters
Tris(Beatrice): 16 years old, smart and determined.
Short, has luscious blond hair and has blue-gray eyes. Is a part of the Dauntless faction

Four(Tobais): Brave,smart, and responsible. Has dark hair and is very tall. In the Dauntless faction, and is also one of the main leaders of the group
Eric: One of the leader in the Dauntless Faction
Minor Characters
Eric: One of the Dauntless leaders, is very mean to Beatrice. Has a very cocky personality, has piercings and tattoos
Christina: In the Dauntless faction, is best friends with Beatrice, has dark hair, tall and has brown eyes. Was born in the Candor faction
Caleb: In the Erudite faction, 16 years old and is the brother of Beatrice. Dark hair, green eyes and is very handsome
Will: Is another one of Beatrice's friends, in the Dauntless group. Pale, dark eyes, has a dragon tattoo and is very brave
Al: Dauntless faction, acts tough, is one of the largest in his faction and has dark brown eyes. His born faction was Candor
The protagonist in my book is Beatrice. The book is told in her perspective, and is based on her, and her decisions. This book revolves all around her
I think that the antagonist is Jeanine, because in this book she is against Tris. She tells lies about Abnegation's, which causes the main conflict. Beatrice used to be an Abnegation

-Jeanine Matthews creates a plan to ruin not only Beatrice's life, but for all the Abnegation's as well.
- After the simulation test finding out she was always Divergent
Being the first book in the trilogy there is no real resolution yet.
TTT: At certain parts of this book it
reminded me of The Hunger Games
because of the fighting and because of the training. Once you become a Dauntless member you have to train for your own survival.
TTW: In this book Beatrice's parents die by getting shot. Every second of everyday someone has died. People lose their loved ones all the time.
TTS: In this book Beatrice chooses a different group to be with, and also tries to fit in with them. That is kind of what I went through a while back . I tried to fit in with a group and then realized just be yourself.
-Abnegation headquarters
-Erudite headquarters
-Dauntless headquarters
Goose bumps rise on my pale arms,and my stomach lurches. If I don't do it now, I won't be able to do it at all. I swallow hard. I don't think I just bend my knees and jump. The air howls in my ears as the ground surges toward me, growing and expanding, I get closer and closer to the ground, my heart pounding so fast it hurts. Every muscle in my body tensing as the falling sensation drags at my stomach. The hole surrounds me and I drop into darkness. I hit something hard. It gives way beneath me and cradles my body. The impact knocks the wind out of me and I wheeze, struggling to breathe again. My arms legs sting. An net. I look up and and laugh. I just jumped off a building.
Elements Of Style
In my opinion this book was amazing it was very well written
-Kept me at the edge of my seat
-A page turner
-Very descriptive
In conclusion I thought that this book was absolutely amazing. It was something I had never read before which made everything more enjoyable.
Divergent Series
-My heart is hammering
in my chest
-Cold drops down my
spine like a bead of sweat
-Tough as cotton balls
-My stomach squeezes
This book takes place
in a futuristic version
of Chicago
-Tris and a group of other people take a train to the Amity compound hoping to start new lives
-Beatrice ruins Jeanine's
plans to use the Dauntless faction against the Abnegation's

Beatrice Prior a 16 year old girl must choose to stay with her family for the rest of her life, or pick a different faction. She struggles to make her life changing decision after taking a simulation test and having her results say she is Divergent. As the choosing ceremony comes closer and closer Beatrice becomes even more nervous. She thinks about the hate and anger her father will feel and how much he would disapprove if she switched, Beatrice finally thinks about what is best for her. When the day finally came she dropped her blood into the Dauntless Faction circle. Did she make the right decision? or should she have stayed with her family?
Jeanine: Is in the Erudite faction, tall and has blonde hair. She fights for what she believes in, she despises the Abnegation Faction. Has a very rude personality (cares only for herself)

-Tris's parents sacrifice their lives
for her
-Amity compound
By: Sabrina

-The Hub
-The Navy Pier
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