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No description

Cody Jones

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Crackback

Never Give Up Characters >Rising action
Coach Stahl and Miles get in a argument on the first practice, Miles does really good his first game and gets interception and wins the game, The team wins there next three games and look like they might go to state, Coach Sepolski finds out he has cancer and coach Stahl becomes head coach, They loses there next two game
> Main Event
Miles loses his starting spot >Miles Manning
Main Character, Junior, Outgoing, Black, Not that tall
Outgoing, not that good with the girls, CB for the team
really good at football.
Miles bestfriend in the beginning, CB for the team,
not tall, nice, good with the girls, Junior, takes steroids
Good Friend of Miles, really nice, Dates Miles, Junior
Senior, Linebacker for the team, One of Miles good
friend, nice, tall and big
>Coach Sepolski
good coach, head coach, role model for Miles, gets cancer
>Coach Stahl
Head coach in the middle of the season, dislike Miles
Doesn't get a long with Miles
Close with Miles Setting >Its during fall
> Its in present day
>Its in a rural town like Saint Michael Quotes "Zach opens his locker, three bottles and three syringes. This is the best way to juice, meet me and Tyson after school" said Zach pg 89
>this is when gets pressured into taking steroids and he want to be natural. Real World Connection Back in my middle school days I used to play football, Miles was cornerback and I play cornerback too. He not that big and am was that big but we both got the job done. It brings my back to my middle school days. Crackback
By John Coy "Sometimes a major change happens in such a simple way that you can't believe it. I am not a starter I've been starting since fourth grade. How can I not start?" said Miles pg 114
>This is significant because its one Miles largest conflict within the story "I have cancer, so my doctor says its best to stay away from football, as it will cause stress, which will make my health worse" said Coach Sepolski pg 76
>If this did'nt happens Miles would had a lot less conflict,
now coach Stahl is the head coach Conflict > The arguments between Miles and coach Stahl.
> There is conflict between Miles and his dad.
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