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North Carolina

No description

mary jo

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of North Carolina

North Carolina
by mary jones
coastal plain
Cape Hatteras
* The height for each stripe is 22ft.
* The land for the lighthouse was 150.$ in 1846.
* The tower still houses a 1st-order Fresnel lens.
north carolina
the peadmont
South carolina
This country is South carolina this country borders our state.
Ocracoke Lighthouse
* The lighthouse was built in 1823.
* It cost 11,359$ to build the lighthouse.
*It is belived that once a indian village was there.
Bald Head Lighthouse
* The lighthouse had problems with the light people said that the light was useless.
* Bald head lighthouse was part of Smith Island.
* You would get to the lighthouse by boat.

This country borders North carolina.
This country borders our state.
mountain region
South Carolina
The hemiphere is the North Hemisphere.
The sea that we are near is The Atlantic Ocean.
Native Americans
The Algonquians tribe
* For women and men to get married the man gives the women a bone to show he would provide food for the family. The wife would give the man corn to say she would do the planting. After that they would be husband and wife.
The house
*The women would lean sticks to make a cemi circle and then they would put bark,sticks and leaves on the walls and cealing and that is there house.

Hatteras tribe
* lived on banks
* They grew the three sisters
( corn, beans, squash )
* Men in a tribe could have more than one wife.
* The clans were named after animals such as hawk,bear and turtle.
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