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Rules of a Volleyball Player

No description

Kitty Han

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Rules of a Volleyball Player

Rules of being on a Volleyball Team
Who does this contract applies to?
This contract applies to volleyball players and those who would like to become volleyball players

The government are the captains and the coach of the team.
Captains : The ones who lead and encourage the team.
Coach : The one who explain to the team the things they need to work on and guide the team to win.

Tryout for a Team
Ask for Help!
Volleyball is not a super easy sport. When becoming a player, you should know the basics. Such as bumping, setting, spiking, blocking, serving and digging. But it’s not for sure that you will get all the basics down right away. So ask for help! Ask the experienced players to help you out. Not only will you learn a new skill, you will be able to form a better bond with your teammates.

Know the Rules!
Volleyball is not just about getting the ball over the net. There are tons of rules you must keep in mind when playing. If you play without knowing the rules, you can easily get a foul or lose points.

There are tons of volleyball teams out there, whether it’s one in your neighborhood or one right in your own school. It might be scary but it never hurts trying new things. And don’t let your confidence go down if you don’t make it in to the team you want. You can always practice with your friends to improve.

For example:
You only get 3 hits to get the ball over to the other side
You cannot spike or block on a serve
You can never touch the net
3 hits over - Bump, set, spike.
Practice makes perfect. You must always practice. Even when you’re not practicing in school with the team, you should always be practicing. Practice until you perfect that skill.


Being on the a team means supporting one another. When you see a player who’s struggling, go up and ask if they need help. Encourage them when they make mistakes. Tell them to try again. Often, that’s all someone need to get right back up on their feet.
Wait For Your Turn
When you’re on a team, it is most likely going to be more than 6 people. So not everybody will be able to play in one game. You must patiently wait and trust your coach. They will know when to put you in, depending on how your position will benefit the team. Do not be discourage or sad that you did not get to play in this game or that game. When you show that you’re mad about not being able to play, you’re showing selfishness. You’re showing that you’re not thinking of the team but only thinking of yourself.

Whether it’s just practice or a game, you must always give your best effort. Even if you’re playing against a team that is less experienced than yours, you still always must play with your full effort. You cannot slack off and think that this is going to be an easy win. Or when you’re playing against a team that is more experienced, you can’t give up and decide that you’re going to lose. You must play every game as if it is your last game.

Japan was behind but they didn't get discourage and played with their best effort.
One of the key in volleyball is to communicate. You must always call for your ball when you go in and get it. That way, the other players will back off and not crash into you. Always talk to your teammates during a game. Things such as “OVER!” when it goes over your head and you can’t get it. Or “SHORT!” when the serve ball is near the front. Even calling out your teammate’s names when passing the ball to them will definitely be beneficial.

Proper Attire
You must always be in comfortable clothing when playing volleyball. You also must have proper sneaker to play.

Be Ready!
Do not be distracted at anytime during a game. You must always be in your ready position to receive the ball. If you’re just standing up straight or looking in another direction, you will miss the ball! Always be ready!
Oanh Han (Kitty) 201 Global Literature

Why couldn't the volleyball cross the road?
-too many bumps!
Why was Cinderella taken off the Volleyball Team?
-Because she ran away from the ball
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