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Old And New, But No Difference

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Stuart Downing

on 19 October 2016

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Transcript of Old And New, But No Difference

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IPad's are supposed to be quit new. But people don't realize that the tablet is actually around 2000 years old. the first table was invented by the roans. they created the wax tablet, which was used to write and send a message. The new tablet is supposed to do the same thing but can do many more things aswell.
Apple copied from the Romans!
old doesn't transform!
Many inventions from the past haven't changed in today's life. Take the wheel for example. Its the same today as it was all those years ago.
Still fit for purpose?
Humans aren't genius' after all!

Old And New, But No Difference
Humans think they are so smart. when actually they just keep on coping from others. Inventors have been using old ideas and making them better. See below for some examples.
Several inventions have been remade and improved. For example, has the car changed much? are they still fit for purpose?
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