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Portable Prezi

No description

Sachiko Maharjan

on 16 July 2014

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Transcript of Portable Prezi

What is Writing?
Personal Narratives
- They tell a story about yourself that has shaped you as a person today.

- They can portray an event in your life that had a strong impact.

- They are especially focused on the past.

- They show how the past molded you.

Significance of Writing
- It gives one an opportunity to discover new ideas.

- It helps to recognize our unique self.

- Through writing, you are able to give others a general idea about you.

- Writing has it own special perks.
Writing for the Future
"I Am" Poems
Writing our way through the world...

- As your vocabulary improves, your style of writing can be more appealing to others.

- As you write more profusely, you begin to develop your own voice in your writing in a way that is more distinctive.

- Writing is important in all aspects of life.
-According to Dictionary.com, writing is “the activity or skill of marking coherent words on paper and composing text.”

- There is a significance behind the writing.

- According to Opportunity Network Fellows of Cluster B, “writing is the art of discovering, putting together, and sharing information."
Thank You
from Cluster B

I am
smart and curious

I wonder
why events happen
I hear
an out cry for help
I see
clues but don't notice the full picture
I want
to satisfy my curiosity

I am

smart and curious
-Kenrick Alfred
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