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Are you looking for an adventure ?

No description

Kasia Kabat

on 8 February 2015

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Transcript of Are you looking for an adventure ?

Our GCDP takes place in the heart of Europe -
. You will have the amazing opportunity to discover how Spring is waking up in its capital -
For six weeks you will become a part of our amazing
LC Warsaw Universities
which means meeting Aiesecers, other EPs, taking part in parties and special events.
The best is still in front of you!
Still wondering?
For further information check
our TN form:
We have something especially for you...
International Kindergarten project

Warsaw, Poland


Interested? Let's take a closer look...

A few words about Warsaw
Are you looking for an adventure ?

Are you ready for new experiences?

Here is job description
The main aim of the project is to create a multicultural environment in which children will have the opportunity to grow and develop themselves under the watchful eye of external participants from different countries.
Through this action, we will have the opportunity to discover other cultures, languages, arts and crafts experience, which will be valuable to both sides.
Project promotes cultural understanding among kids, therefore our volunteers will share their knowledge(national arts, games for children, dances and songs) with children in the place they will teach at.
International Kindergarten will help our children to understand cultural diversity
and form a healthy image about the surrounding world – at the age, when values
and attitudes are easily shaped.
By making those activities exchange participants also have fluent on polish community.
Are you waiting for a challenge?
But it's not everything...
You will work as volunteer in
different kindergartens. Your task is
to create a multicultural environment
so that kids will have a chance to develop themselves and become more aware of the surrounding world.
What does it mean in practice?

Warsaw is a capital of Poland, full of great people, beautiful places and awesome happenings. Furthermore it is in the middle of Europe so you can visit lot of other places too!
During the day you can go to various museums, relax in one of our parks or take a walk along Vistula River. When you get tired there are plenty of restaurants and bars waiting for you. Few of them are intended for students, you can eat for less than 20 zł. Moreover Polish food is really delicious :)
In the evenings the clubs are open for everyone almost everywhere in Warsaw, but the best ones are in the city center. A fee normally is about 20 zloty (5 euro)but sometimes is free. If you don't like loud music and you prefere to go somewhere and talk, there are pubs where beer costs about 10 zloty (2,5 euro) or less. There are options that doesn't contain alcohol too, for example cinemas and theatres. Everyone can find something for themeselves.
In Warsaw you can go everywhere by bus or tram, we also have subway. Public transport is cheap, especially if you have ISIC card.
Warsaw is a great city to come for an internship because there is always something to do, you can meet amazing people from different universities. It's awesome to share new things with people particularly when they are open and want to find out about your culture!
or write an e-mail to:

Krystian Kruszyński (OCVP ICX)
Kasia Kabat (OCP)

With love,
International Kindergarten team
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