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Rainfall Math Project

A math project for Mr. Burns' class

Grace Dieter

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Rainfall Math Project

RAINFALL OF THE WORLD SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA Sydney is the most populated city in Australia. It hosted the
2000 Summer Olympics. It was reported that 2002 through 2005 were the hottest summers in Sydney since 1859. Sydney's yearly rainfall average is 47.9 in. CHERRAPUNJI, meGHALAYA, INDIA TORONTO, CANADA rAINFALL EVERY MONTH-CHERRAPUNJI (AVERAGE) JAN:0.5 in
FEB:1.8 in
MAR:9.5 in
APR:36.9 in
MAY:47.8 in
JUN:90.3 in
JUL:128.8 in
AUG:69.3 in
SEP:53.2 in
OCT:21.6 in
NOV:2.8 in
FEB:2.2 in.
MAR:2.1 in.
APR:0.9 in.
MAY:0.2 in.
JUN:0.1 in.
JUL:0.1 in.
AUG:0.1 in.
SEP:0.3 in.
OCT:0.4 in.
NOV:0.9 in.
TORONTO (AVERAGE) MULTIPLYING DECIMALS by GRACE DIETER Carlsbad, ca, USA MOST INFO. FROM WIKIPEDIA The word "cherrapunji" means 'land of oranges'. Cherrapunji is big compared to other places in India. This beautiful place is known for how much rain they get every year. Its yearly rainfall average is 463.6 in. The city of Carlsbad lays on the coast of California. This beautiful place is known for their beaches and surfing. The city is 39.1 square miles. Carlsbad's yearly rainfall average is 11.0 in. RAINFALL EVERY MONTH-
FEB:4.7 in.
MAR:5.1 in.
APR:5.0 in.
MAY:4.7 in.
JUN:5.1 in.
JUL:3.9 in.
AUG:3.2 in.
SEP:2.7 in.
OCT:3.1 in.
NOV:3.3 in.
DEC:3.1 in. Toronto is the largest city in Canada. The Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun are the prominent daily city newspapers. The Toronto Zoo is home to over 5,000 animals. Its yearly rainfall average is 28.1 in. JAN: 1.2 in.
FEB: 1.0 in.
MAR: 1.7 in.
APR: 2.5 in.
MAY: 2.9 in.
JUN: 2.8 in.
JUL: 2.7 in.
AUG: 3.1 in.
SEP: 3.3 in.
OCT: 2.5 in.
NOV: 2.7 in.
DEC: 1.7 in. RAINFALL DATA ALTOGETHER (THE WINNER IS ...) 1. Cherrapunji 2. Sydney 3. Toronto 4. Carlsbad thanks for watching hope you liked it have a great day! RAIN CHART 1. How much total rainfall would Sydney average in 5 years if their average yearly rainfall is 47.9 inches? 47.9 x 5 = ??

2. If Toronto has 2.9 inches of average rainfall in May, how much rainfall would Toronto get in total for the next three years of months of May? 2.9 x 3 = ??

3. If Carlsbad has 2.1 inches of average rainfall in March, how much rainfall would Carlsbad get in total for the next seven years of months of March? 2.1 x 7 = ??

4. How much total rainfall would Cherrapunji average in a decade if their average yearly rainfall is 463.6 inches? 463.6 x 10 = ?? MULTIPLICATION PROBLEMS
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