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kate goodman

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of action/adventure

Point of view is the narrator's perspective in which the story is being told.
Thank you!
A Quest/ Mission
action/adventure is motivated by someone or something in danger, resulting in a quest or mission
Danger/ Violence
danger/violence are the obstacles a hero must face
e.g. hero fights with villain
keeps us on the edge and makes us want to know more
gives us an adrenaline rush

Action & Adventure
Adrian Maria Victoria Kate Conrad
Space Adventure
In the Past or Future
there are five elements to a typical adventure story
plot assists in the climax and conclusion of the story
the plot assists in giving a feel to the reader
Where does the story take place?
Imaginary Place
Lost Island
In a Dream
Ian Fleming
The perspective changes depending on the story

Society can show people view the perspective in the story as in:
1. The Protagonist
2. The Antagonist
3. A Foil
4. A Mentor
5. A Threshold Guardian
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Robert Louis Stevens
James Dashner
Lois Lowry
Without the use of dialogue the author is just describing a chain of events.

But with too much dialogue the story flat.

Dialogue used within the genre often creates conflict.

In the action/adventure genre if the plot is purely based on the physical actions of the characters the author has limited their story and its development.
Language of the genre is based on what the sub genre is.
In action we usually see a range of point of views
Third Person Point of View
Objective Point of View
Omniscient and Limited Omniscient Points of View
The Cat In The Hat
The Avengers
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