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Agathe De Saint-Pere

No description

Seth Vanberkel

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Agathe De Saint-Pere

Agathe De Saint-Pere By Lauren and Seth Being a Merchant Maple syrup Candies She bought and sold land She also... She lived in New France for her whole life. She lived from 1657- 1748. Agathe de Saint- Pere was a Merchant In 1672, Agathe's parents died. She was only 15 but she took on the responsibility of watching her 10 younger siblings; one being a newborn baby. Even later when she was married, she still looked after the siblings. She later had a son and 7 daughters. Agathe traded furs. Goods were imported from New France and then traded with the Innu, the Anishnabe and the Ouendat nations. Furs were traded in exchange. This was done by Agathe among other merchants. acted as a banker. She managed other's money when they had a lot, or when they were struggling financially. She lent money to others and and helped them. When Agathe de Saint-Pere was in need financially, she used
her secret weapon on the king. Maple syrup candies! But, the King did not offer her assistance even thought they were organic and delicious. Home-made cloths In 1700, There was a wreckage of a ship that supplied wool and linen. Agathe decided to create cloth for herself, She experimented with materials like nettles, bark fibre, cottonweed and the woolly hair of the buffalo. She sent them to the king, and he helped her financially. But she was just one part of new france
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