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Tropical Rainforest

No description

Norely Lopez

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Tropical Rainforest

Tropical Rainforest n By:Carolina Rocha,
Norely Lopez,
and Emili Rangel Tropical Rainforest Climate The Climate in the "Tropical Rainforest" is warm, wet, and humid. The Average Temp. is above 20c Rain: 250cm of rain per year, 450cm/year, [means]
8 to 14ft rain per year. How it looks when it rains How it looks when it's sunny Human Humans can bring animals to extinction including plants. About 2 billion tons of timber have been cut or will be cut from the "Rainforest" which is on a global scale. Rainforests are all disappearing at 70,000SQ KM or 26,923sq miles every year. Every week 100 animals are going extinct. The water also suffers, when the trees are all gone rain will no longer seep into the soil. Then soil will end up in rivers and kill fish, and this will take it to animal and and plant extinction. :D Animals 1. Spider Monkey- Spider Monkeys are Omnivores, they eat Fruit, seeds,leaves, insects, bird eggs, and nuts . 2. Poison- Arrow Frog- Poison-Arrow Frogs are carnivores, they eat ants, termites, and spiders. 3. Sloths- Sloths are Herbivores, they eat leaves, flowers, and petals, they only like to drink Water. 4.Tucan-Tucans eat fruit, insects,and lizards, and they only like to drink water, their Omnivores. Baby Sloth/ Sloth Video Animal from the Rainforest 5. Boa Constrictor- Boa Constrictor are carnivores, they eat rats, and they like to drink water from streams or the lakes. 6. Macaw- Macaws are herbivores, they like to eat seeds, nuts, and fruit. 7. Bearded Pig- Bearded Pigs are herbivores, they like to eat fruit cause that's their diet. 8. Orangutan- Orangutan are omnivores, they like to eat fruit, leaves, young birds, and eggs. 9. Slow Loris- Slow Loris are Omnivores, they like to eat insects, bird eggs, small birds, and fruit. 10. Vine Snake- Vine Snakes are Carnivores, they like to eat young birds, and lizards. PLANTS The Tropical Rainforest have billions of kinds of plants and animals, more than anywhere else. Fun Facts How do trees adapt: The weather is hot and wet, that's why trees don't have thick bark to slow down the moisture. "Some" plants are carnivores, like the Rafflesia. 1. Rafflesia- A Rafflesia flower is the biggest flower in the world, this particular plant is 36in, and they like to eat flies. 2. Bengal Bamboo- Bangal Bamboo like the temp. 40f to 100f, and they grow 40ft to 80ft tall. 3. Coconut Tree- A Coconut Tree is 50ft to 80ft tall, and the leaves are 15ft to 17ft long. 4. Durian- A Durian grows: 90 to 130ft tall, their lifespan is 80 to 150 years. 5.Jambu-This plant grows 10 to 20ft tall, and the fruits ripen every August and November. 6.Kapok Tree- A Kapok Tree can grow up to 150 feet high. Jambu 7. Bromeliad- There are 2,700 kinds of plants that grow in the ground. 8. Heliconia- In addition to being calling "Heliconia, its also referred to as Lobster Claws. Tropical Rainforest Map MAP 9. Orchid- They are known for their beauty, their petals get 30in long, and they are growing up to 14 ft long. 10.Poinsettia- This plant forms a bush or a tree, the color of the flower is red, white, pink, and bicolor, and people think it's poisonous, but it's not Orchid Bromeliad Thanks 4 Watching Babies Sloths Food Web Norely, Carolina, and Emili We Love Sloths !!! Especially Carolina
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