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English 2.0 Seminar - UNVM

No description

Carla Raguseo

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of English 2.0 Seminar - UNVM

Secondary School Seminars New School Curriculum Academic Reading and Listening 2.0 Challenge Tagxedo Challenge Final Assignment Prof. Carla Raguseo Two elective seminars
One semester
Blended learning
4 face-to-face meetings Aims: to foster critical thinking and reflection

to allow students to understand and transform their natural, social, economic and cultural environment

to foster team work and life-long learning skills

to introduce students to research practice English for Academic Purposes 2.0 skills OBJECTIVES:

to value the use of the foreign language to learn about other content areas

to develop reading and listening skills

to develop autonomy in language learning

to establish meaningful relationships between previous knowledge in other subject areas and the seminar content in the foreign language

to develop web searching strategies and other digital skills OBJECTIVES Modules 1 and 2:
Academic reading and listening
2.0 Challenge

Module 3
Final assignment Organization Geography Maths Art English 2.0: A Blended Seminar for Secondary School Students Glossary Challenge Google Challenge Glogster Challenge A cyber hunt, treasure hunt or scravenger hunt is an online activity that focuses on gathering information from web sites to answer questions or to support a concept on a particular theme or content area. 2.0 Cyber hunt
Designing a digital poster to present the information and multimedia resources found about the chosen academic topic. Poster presentations Final Survey "Aprendí a utilizar muchas cosas que no sabía ni siquiera que existían y que nos son prácticas para la vida cotidiana." "Aprendí mucho vocabulario nuevo y eso me encanto!" "This seminar helped me to pass my final exam of my other English" "This seminar was very interesting. I learned so many things." "Entretenido e interesante. Me gustaron mucho los temas." "Lo mejor fue poder trabajar desde las distintas casas un mismo glogster." II Jornadas ELT - Universidad Nacional de Villa María, May 2013 Thank you! Carla Raguseo http://www.carlaraguseo.wordpress.com/ @carlaraguseo http://www.glogster.com/larib/jamaica-/g-6l56ichrcifs9qtq6qjfla0 http://www.glogster.com/majma/resume-glog-by-majma/g-6l56jp8giagngc53liuq7a0 Language learning should empower students not just as content consumers but as content producers. Poster Evaluation Content
Design & multimedia
Group Work
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