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Tanner And Tyler

Field Goal.

Annette Holder

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Tanner And Tyler

Double click anywhere & add an idea Newton's Laws Of Motion These First Snapshots Show just that. The ball is put into motion, therefore
an outside force put it into motion (The snapper). Newton's First LAw:
Any object in motion with stay in motion, and any object at rest will stay at rest until an outside force acts upon it. Now here comes the second part of the law,
where an outside force (the holder) stops the ball to set down for the kicker to kick. Let's take a look. Kickers in the NFL would know this law fairly well, the harder they can kick a ball, the more money the get paid. On to the third, and final law. Newton's Thrid Law:
For every action, there is an equal and oposite reaction. Now for a field goal, you can use the examples I used in both
the first and second laws to show and action and reaction. First, the Snap... The ball moves as a result of the Action (reaction). The last example will be the easiest...The kick! The kicker makes contact
with the ball (action). The ball goes into motion
as a result (reaction). lET'S MOVE ON TO THE SECOND LAW... By: tanner and tyler The End. The snapper throws his hands back, in
the motion a snapper would use (action). Newton's Second Law:
Force=Mass X Acceleration.
Which simply means, the more force you apply to an object
(in this case the harder you kick the ball) the faster it goes.
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