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Prince Henry The Navigator

All credits to those who wrote information about him! For educational purposes only.

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Prince Henry The Navigator

Prince Henry The Navigator (Detailed)
Personal Information
Born on March 4, 1394
Born in Porto, Kingdom of Portugal
Third son of King John I and Queen Phillipia of Portugal
Born as a Roman Catholic
Facts About Prince Henry
Death of Prince Henry
Prince Henry died on November 13, 1460
It is unspecified how he died, but some says it was due to heart failure.
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Inventing the Caravel was the best among his inventions. You can see that Prince Henry was very devoted to his work.
Improving Maps
Prince Henry was also famous for improving maps of Africa, like this one. The yellow line above the line of unknown shows where his crew explored. The line going across Africa shows the uncharted world where nobody had ever explored. Prince Henry had a strong interest in exploring Africa because he had a theory that the gold from the south was coming from southern Africa.
He established a school for the study of the arts of navigation, map making, and shipbuilding. This would allow sailors to guide their ships and to come up with new ship designs.
He, his father and brothers captured the Moorish port of Ceuta in northern Morocco, that had long been a base for Barbary pirates who raided the Portuguese coast, depopulating villages by capturing their inhabitants to be sold in the African slave market.
They also succeeded in spreading Christianity.
The Caravel
One of the major accomplishments of his navigation was that he sponsored expeditions of discovery in the Atlantic Ocean, down the western coast of Africa.
Reasons For His Expedition
He wanted to find a sea route to Africa

To spread Christianity
He had a theory that the gold from the south was coming from southern Africa.

Although he was called Prince Henry the Navigator by the English, Prince Henry never actually sailed on any of the voyages of discovery he sponsored.
Before Prince Henry, sailors and navigators refused to sail toward Africa because they were scared of “Sea of Darkness.” They fear that they might be swallowed by a sea monster.
According to a legend, it is located where the sun was so close to the Earth that a person’s skin would burn black, the sea boiled, ships caught on fire, and monsters hid waiting to smash the ships and eat the sailors.
Out of 14 voyages to the sea of darkness, only one voyage got passed
The caravel was a new and much lighter ship and it could sail faster and further than a normal ship.
Inventions And Tools Used By Prince Henry
The Cross-staff
To measure the angle between the directions of two stars.
Used to measure the altitude of a celestial body, particularly the sun or moon
Used to calculate latitude and distance north to south from the equator.
What is the "Sea Of Darkness?"
Thank you for watching.
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