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Extermination of Racial Discrimination

Learn the truth about racism and help us stop it.


on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Extermination of Racial Discrimination

Stopping the terrible thing once and for all Extermination of Racial Discrimination
BRING RACISM DOWN It can happen ANYWHERE Eww! Chinese dork! What's up with your skin, dude? Don't hang out with the loser! What can you do to stop it? You're soooo disgusting! Who would want to be with YOU?!? It HURTS more than any injury Stand Up Don't go alone! Just ignore it FIghting will make it worse Racism is the exclusion of certain people from a certain race or skin colour. It is one of the world's most terrible things. We must stop it. White people dominate the world. What about everyone else? The WHITE house Obama, the FIRST and ONLY black president. for now... It's unbelievable. Some people can't even find a decent job because of racism! By Allen Bao and Sharon Yau Is racism REALLY necessary? Why does it happen? Ask these questions: Who does it happen to? There are many kinds of racism:
-Skin Colour
-Physical Disabilities
-Mental Disabilities But it's getting better! We can stop this
We have the power to end this, once and for all!
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