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The Inuits By: SImon, Hayden, and Andy

The frozen people

Beth Smith

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of The Inuits By: SImon, Hayden, and Andy

Region/geographical location/natural resources Region/Geographical Location:Arctic Circle, Canada, and Polar Icecap.

Natural Resources: Drift wood, bones, skin, snow for water, hides, bark for ropes. Food/Water sources They ate: Seal blood soup, Whales,Reindeer, Walruses, Fish, Birds, and Polar bears.
They drank: Snow, ice, and water. Origin Stories creation/pour quoi stories Clothes The Inuits made clothes out of seal skin.

They also used ivory for snow goggles. By: Simon, Hayden, and Andy One day the Great Raven dropped 2 peas. The peas grew into 2 grown men. The Great Raven molded clay into a woman and lots of animals. And the people of the world grew and grew. Crafts/material culture Carving, trampolines, snow goggles, and boats. Tools/Weapons Weapons: Bows and arrows, harpoons, spears, and rifles.
Tools: Digging stick and boat. Communication/languages Language: Inukitut (Inuit Language)
Communication: Aput = snow
Qanniq = falling snow
Ujaraq = rock
Nanuq = polar bear
Nasak = hat or hood Traditional Men's Roles/Work Hunting for seal and other animals and got skin for clothes. Traditional Women's Roles/Work Dwellings and homes The Inuits made igloos, sod houses, and stilt houses. Women skinned animals, and butchered food. The End :) :-) 0_0 Thanks for watching! Bibliography
By: Simon, Hayden, and Andy
King, David (2008), The Inuit, Marshall, Press, New York
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