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How to make GREAT Prezis

Just got started with Prezi? Well let me give you a little Lydian advice!

Lydia Leaman

on 11 October 2014

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Transcript of How to make GREAT Prezis

Make them bigger...
How to make GREAT Prezis
The first thing u need 2 know is how to use a template...
Select "New Prezi"
Look for a cool template...
Choose a template...
Click "Use Template"
Then follow the instructions on the template to create a prezi....but....there's more
Instead of clicking on a template u can say "No one tells me what to do!"...
and click on "Start Blank Prezi"
This is all the Prezi there will be...
(You can delete this frame by left clicking on the frame then right clicking on the hand and selecting "Delete".)
You can insert frames by clicking on the "Frames and Arrows" button at the top of the screen.
Bracket Frame
(Tilt frames by clicking on them and hovering over a corner. Click and drag when the curving arrow appears)
Circle Frame
Rectangle Frame
Or by clicking "Add" at the bottom of the screen.
Invisible Frame
Now your Prezi might look more like this
Still not good enough
Time for some color!!!!!!
This is what your prezi should look like...YUCKY!
Right Click and Select "Change Background"
This will appear...select a color.
Click "Next"
Select text colors
Click done!
Better Huh?
Click on "Frames and Arrows" then "Draw Arrow" to draw an arrow.
Click on the arrow and Select "Style"
to change color.
Drag the blue squares to change it's shape.
Use. the Wider and Narrower signs to make it bigger/smaller.
Work ur lines in the same way that you "work" ur arrows.
How to use highlighters to highlight and write.
Select the highlighter from "Frames and arrows" and start dragging to draw or write.
Now let's talk about sizing and zooming
Double click anywhere to type...
and simply drag them and drop them...
and tilt them...
make them smaller.....
and that...
I will be glad to answer any questions in the comment section!
Click on the button that says "Insert"
To insert a picture click on "Image"
Now you can search the big, big internet for a image OR download one from ur computer.
Now you need to add things from the outside world!
Symbols and Shapes
To add a symbol or shape click on "insert" then "Symbols and shapes"
Click on a category
Double click on a shape or symbol insert it
Click on the "Diagram" button under "Insert"
Pick a diagram and click "Choose" to finish
YouTube video
Find a video on YouTube that you want to add to ur Prezi.
Click on "YouTube video" under "Insert" and copy the link fro ur video. Paste the link in the box and WALA.
Power Point
Into ur Prezi.

Insert a Power Point

Then go into ur Prezi under “Insert” and “Power Point”.

Create a Power Point

Choose ur Power Point from ur computer!


To add frames and other objects to ur Prezi "Path" click on them, right click on the hand, and click 'Add to Path". Then drag them to whatever point of ur prezi u want them to go.
You can also add a background
image by clicking "Customize"
How to do
And this!
Follow this link for inspiration:
Click on "Edit Path"
Scroll to the step you want to do it on.
Click on the little star beside the image...
Click on the part you want to animate.
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