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The Midwest

No description

Alex Sareh

on 17 June 2017

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Transcript of The Midwest

By Aaron, Anthony, Alex, Jack, and ANOTHER Alex
The Midwest is a region consisting of 12 states. They are Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin,
Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, and Missouri. The population of the Midwest is around 68,000,000 people.The Midwest also produces a lot of wheat. You will learn more about it later. Please enjoy our prezi, and if you have any questions or comments, please tell us.
The Midwest's climate varies throughout the year. There are many thunderstorms, floods, and tornadoes from Spring to Autumn. In the Winter there are huge heaps of snow.
The Climate of The Midwest
Famous Landmarks of the Midwest

Sorry. lt's upside down.
The Gateway Arch St. Louis, Missouri
Willis Tower, Chicago Illinois
The Midwest has many famous landmarks such as the Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois
and Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota.
There is also the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri, as well as some of the Great Lakes up near Michigan.
Mt Rushmore, Keystone, South Dakota
Tokyo, Japan
The History of the Midwest
The Midwest's first American settlers came at a time around the early 1800. But, some cities such as Detroit were founded in the early 1700's by French settlers. In 1803, the Louisiana Purchase made the Midwest the U.S's land. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln won the Presidential election. In 1872, a mail order catalog started in Montgomery that served many rural cities.
The Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois formed in 1973 and became the world's tallest tower for two decades.

The Midwest's Modern Times
The Midwest's Land
1. When was the first settlement in the Midwest made and what was it?
Answer: Detroit dating back to 1701
Miami, Florida
The Midwest now has big modern cities like Chicago, Illinois, Detroit, Michigan, St.Louis, Missouri, Indianapolis, Indiana, Columbus, Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio, and Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota. This region provides many big industries for the U.S. such as mining steel and iron and this region had many easy transportation ways, making the players very powerful in global trade. This region also has a big automobile industry. Those are the big industries in the Midwest. The Midwest has changed a lot itself since it first got started.
2. What is the capital of Illinois?
Answer: Springfield, not Chicago
The Capital Page
Just because it is a big city doesn't always mean it is the capital. These are the 12 capitals of the Midwest:

3.What is the famous landmark in St. Louis called?
Answer: The Gateway Arch
Quiz Time
4. What is the tallest building in Chicago?
Answer: The Willis (or Sears) Tower
Destinations ln The Midwest
There are many fun places to go to in the Midwest and we hope you get to go to some of them later. Some of these very exciting places include
in Missouri which is 630 ft. tall and is the tallest man-made structure in the western hemisphere. Also, you can visit Six Flags Amusement Park in Chicago, and The Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.
There are many other places like the Chicago Public Library which is one of the biggest libraries in the country. Some national monuments include Jewel Cave National Monument, Scotts Bluff National Monument, and the Bean in Millennium Park. Those are some fun places to visit in the Midwest.
North Dakota: Bismarck
South Dakota: Pierre
Illinois: Springfield
Nebraska: Lincoln
Missouri: Jefferson City
Ohio: Columbus
Kansas: Topeka
Indiana: Indianapolis
Wisconsin: Madison
Minnesota: St. Paul
Michigan: Lansing
Iowa: Des Moines
Thanks for watching our prezi. See you next time.
iron ore
Scott's Bluff National Monument
Picture Page!!!!!


Roller skates were invented in the Midwest.
The Gateway Arch is 630 ft., and is the tallest monument of its kind in the USA!
Twinkies were invented in the Midwest!
It's unlawful to catch fish using bare hands in Kansas.
Sioux Falls
Kansas City
Des Moines
Michigan has over 150 lighthouses.
Chicago is the biggest city and both unofficial capital of the Midwest!
There is a hotel on Mackinac Island, and the 385 rooms are all unique, in other words, none of the rooms have anything identical.
No matter where you are in Michigan, you will always be within 85 miles of the Great Lakes.
The Midwest; The Nations "Breadbasket".
The Biggest Cities
The Midwest has many nicknames, memorable ones are "Heartland" and "Middle America",there is also the "Breadbasket!"
The Sears Tower was the 1st skyscraper at 477 meters. lt was the world's tallest building for 20 years!
Are you ready yet? Too bad! Let's get started anyways.
5. How tall is the Gateway Arch (not the Great Arch, Aaron, OK?)
Answer: 630 Ft.
It is the Gateway Arch not the Great Arch get it straight Aaron
Stay Aaron!
Beautiful background right?
The Wildlife In The Midwest
lf you liked this prezi please comment, or just ask. Thanks for watching our presentation.
Aaron, Alex, Anthony,
Alex, and last but not least, Jack.
The Midwest contains many animals, as there is a lot of roaming land. The Midwest's animals include:

Gray Wolves
Northern Copperhead Snake
Bobwhite Quail
Rusty Craw fish
Brown and Black Bears
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Disc Scratch LOL,
Thanks Alex S.
A work done by these marvelous editors.
All Rights Reserved. Product of 2016.
Copyright Infringement will lead up to 25 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000, and will result in Copyright Strike.
Special Thanks
Ms. Taylor!
You Folks!

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The Midwest Region
visiting the Great
[yangzhang1205@gmail.com [alexlsareh@gmail.com
For more information, please contact one of us on our emails (two pages before). We appreciate it and hope you communicate with us soon. Goodbye!
Other information:
Get it straight Aaron!
Sparkler Display at Gateway Arch
The Bean at Millennium Park
Skiing at Minnesota Whoever wrote this stuff.
Wheat Field in Kansas
Light House in Michigan
Shoreline in Minnesota
No it is the city by the Great
Lakes in Michigan.
Rusty Craw fish
Please contact us to see these prezis
More Coming Soon!
Aaron Zhang
Alex Sareh
Alex Molina Hueda
Anthony Pham
Jack Stamatopoulus
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