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Beatrice Wong

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Turkey

Republic of Turkey Sustainability Issues Summary Use of Cave's of Hotels:
* Positive aspects?
* Negative aspects?
» Turkey
» Cappadocia
» Factors affecting sustainability in Cappadocia
- Hotel constructions
- House ownership
- Inconsistent tourist arrivals throughout the year
- Foreign tour packages
- Cultural heritage tourism
» Conclusion Definition of Culture & Heritage: -

» Culture:
The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively

» Heritage:
Denoting or relating to things of special architectural, historical, or natural value that are preserved for the nation

- Oxford Advances Learner’s Dictionary Cultural Heritage Tourism

The National Trust’s definition of cultural heritage tourism is “traveling to experience the places and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present. It includes historic, cultural and natural resources.”

- National Trust for Historic Preservation ® * Capital: Ankara
* Largest city: Istanbul
* National day: 29th Oct 1923
* Languages: 90%- Turkish, 6%- Kurdish, & 1.2%- Arabic EUROPE + ASIA = EURASIA Western Asia [97%] & East Thrace in Southeastern Europe [3%] Religion 99%, Muslim 1%, Christian & Others... White - Peace & Honesty
Red - Bravery & Strength

» The Star - Represent the Morning Star as mentioned in the Holy Koran.
» Crescent + Star = symbols of Islam. Cultural Heritage Tourism:

* Positive aspects?
* Negative aspects?
* A necessary evil? Factors affecting Cappadocia’s Sustainability Negatively:

* Hotel constructions
* House ownership
* Inconsistent tourist arrivals
* Foreign tour packages Hotel Construction:

* Increasing number of hotels
* Use of Caves
- Effects?
* Suitable for uneven distribution of tourists arrivals?
* Threat: Change in the name of modernization?
* Uçhisar resorts: Case study
* Accommodation manager's point of view
* Cultural degradation Use of Cave Hotels:


» Preservation: The act of keeping something in its original state.
» Sustaining: To provide enough of what something needs in order to live or exist

- Oxford Advance Learner's Dictionary Police Station Threat: Change in the name of modernization?
Tunçel Öcmen, a senior architect from Ürgüp district:

“Several old buildings were deconstructed and the stone texture were stolen from these buildings. I remember two ancient churches and a massive antique market. What bothers me is that even stone graves were transformed into hotels. People used to exploit these stones without knowing it but these hotel owners exploit everything on purpose” Uçhisar resorts: Case study:

* Discriminating normal residents
* Protest against municipality preservation council
* Concerns over Preservation council's priorities
* Past prison sentences over preservation strictness
* Incompatible architectural framework Concerns over Preservation council's priorities

» Filiz Yüksel, a former preservation council member and currently an archeologist working in courts

“If an ordinary local resident tried to do a simple renovation in their house, it could end up with a prison sentence. The council punished ordinary people but favored hotel owner with huge construction vehicles. We don't understand their priorities, which seem to be filling their pockets.”

Nevehir - BIA News Desk, 2012
www.bianet.org Past prison sentences over preservation strictness

» Ali Yavuz: Local culture preservation association member and hotel manager in Göreme district
» Mustafa Durmaz: Local tourism association member

“We see the hotel constructions now. Did we serve in prison for nothing?”

Nevşehir - BIA News Desk, 2012
www.bianet.org Accommodation managers’ point of view

» 73 accommodation managers: 39 environmental performance indicators

» Low performance on:
* Energy efficiency
* Water conservation
* Responsible waste management
* Environmental training
* The environmental awareness
* Knowledge & interest in the environmental protection and environmental policy

- Erdogan Nazmiye, Tosun Cevat (2009) House Ownership:

* How many of you would buy a cave house?
* Why do you think residents are selling there houses?
* Positive aspects?
* Negative aspects? Inconsistent tourist arrivals throughout the year:

* Peak season
* Should they allow it in the first place?
* Positive aspects?
* Negative aspects?
* Alternatives Alternatives:

* Riding

* Hiking

* Festivals

* Agro-tourism

* Folklore

* Winemaking

* Provide workshops

 - Pottery

 - Handicraft

* Motor biking Foreign tour packages:

* All inclusive
* Any benefit to the local economy?
- Economic benefit shared equally?
* What is the essence of cultural tourism? “Tourism is exploring the region without giving anything in return. Even local wine festivals are held without any production”
Tekiner Kaya, an Ürgüp resident Cappadocia Merhaba! Günaydın!
[Gu-ny-duh] Sağol! Conclusion
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