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Company OverView

No description

Nyal Babiuk

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Company OverView

Sky High Adventures
Company Overview
Target Market & Competitive Analysis
Vision Statement
We believe that the entire mountain is meant to be explored, and that the only problem is finding a way to get there. We believe control the access to these areas so that they can be maintained for the next group that comes along. We also believe that the mountain should be for everyone. We also believe that you shouldn’t have to travel to far to find a warm fire and a nice bowl of soup once your done on the mountain either. Our vision is to combine all these beliefs into an innovative experience that no other heli-skiing company currently offers.
Mission Statement
To provide the most innovative solutions to alpine thrill seekers in the British Colombia Coastal Mountain Range.
Whistler Blackcomb
Coast Range Heli-Skiing
Power Mountain
Competitive Advantage
On-site Lodging
Extremely Well Trained Guides
Fresh Made Lunches for Each Group

Service & Pricing Strategies
Buildings and Equipment
Start-Up Costs:
Starts-up costs are approximately
Here is a break-down of our start-up cost:
2 Helicopter 6 seat = $3,000,000
Office building /accommodations =$500,000
Renovations- building = $250,000
Pour Cement for heli pad = $20,000
Hangar = $375,000
Quad = $4,500
Snowmobile = $5,000
Snow blower= $5,000

Winter year 1
Winter Revenue
per/person/day: $1150
Days running: 103
Avg .66% of 12/: per day 8
824 people / season
Total Winter Revenue: $947600
Summer Year 1
Summer Revenue
per/person/day: $300
Days: 157
Avg people/day: 24
3768 people in 157 days
Total Summer Revenue: $1130400
Total Costs
Total VC+FC: $881600
Total Loan payments: $1027644
Costs: $1909244
BEP/ Salary
Break even Point
Total Winter Revenues: 947600
Total Summer Revenues: 1130400
Total Yearly Costs: 1909244

Total Profit per Year: 168756

Each /4: $
Year 5
Break even Point
Total Winter Revenues: $1222404
Total Summer Revenues: $1374378
Total Yearly Costs: $1909244

Total Profit per Year: $687538
Assuming growth of popularity to 86% of 12 seats filled in the winter and a 20% increase of sales in summer.
Salary Each / 4: $171885
High Seasons: Early November to end of April, Mid July and August

Slow Seasons: May through July and September through October
Weather Conditions
No snow leads to poor skiing conditions
To much snow causes problems for people to get to the Lodge
Extreme weather conditions can make it to risky to fly

Lowering the barrier for entry
Making flight safer
Decreasing risk/danger of avalanche
Market Analysis
Annual Visitors
69.5 million skiers visited North American Resorts 2012 ski season
2.1 million in Whistler Blackcomb alone
At least 10,000 are existing heli-skiers

Social Trends
Aging population: Generation X seen as innovators of extreme sport soon to begin introducing their children to sport

Social Media: The desire to share one's accomplishments with other provides a huge marketing opportunity for our firm.
Environmental Concerns
Ability to use Crown Land
Natural Disaster
Possible destruction of habitats through our use
Economic Concerns
High on Maslow's hierarchy of needs so we aren't recession proof
Provincial and Federal governments do a significant amount of advertising for the area and drive customers into the market
Currency fluctuations can increase costs for outside customers to come to Canada
Summer Package
Tourist will get to experience helicopter tours all the beautiful sightseeing glaciers and mountains surrounding Whistler B.C.

Pricing: $300 for a 30-minute tour
Profit margins for the summer= 263%
Target Market
Age: 18-34
Income Range: $110,000-150,000
Gender: Male
Traits: Adventurous, thrill seekers, adrenaline junkie.
80% repurchase within two years
60% repurchase yearly
Promotional Strategies/ Tactics
Industry Analysis
Winter Packages
Tourist will get to experience heli-ski tours.

3 runs of heli-ski + accommodations = $1,150
5 run of heli-ski + accommodations= $1,300
5 runs of heli-ski + no accommodations = $1,000
Our profit margins for winter = 844%

Human Resources
Management Team & Salaries
4 owners/ managers $60,000
2 pilots $100,000
2 guides $60,000
2 office administrators $60,000
Mechanic $65,000
Our budget is to spend $12,000 on promotion
Promotional Strategies:
• Through a web site that we will create $1,500
• Through signs and posters in town $2,400
• Through a Billboard in Whistler $7,000
• Through word of mouth
• And we plan on sponsoring a snowboarding company. We will allow the snowboarding company to go up on the mountain for free time, in exchange to advertise our company. $544.75

The benefits we will offer will be room and board for the pilots, guides and office administration. Since we have a basement this will allow for workers to be able to stay in the lodge, making it easier for them.
Thank you
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