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S2 Stan

No description

janet chalmers

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of S2 Stan

s2 drama

MUsic as a Stimulus
Today we will :

Listening to Stan

Looking at character using the lyrics

Investigating a conscience corridor.
The Stimulus
From last week.

My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I
Got out of bed at all
The morning rain clouds up my window
And I can't see at all
And even if I could it would all be grey.
Got your picture on the wall
It reminds me that it's not so bad, it's not so bad.
The 5 W's
Task 1:

listen to the lyrics in pairs

Investigate the two sides to the character

Part 1- the Positive side
Part 2- the negative side

Write all your ideas down on a piece of paper.
What is a flashback?
How can we use it in drama?
How is it effective?
List of Stan's Flashbacks
His friend who committed suicide.
His dad's violence
Self harm
What makes an icon?
What is an icon?
Look at the following three icons
Think of the following questions

What is the picture showing?
How is the icon represented?
How is it trying to make the fan feel?
Interview with Slim
1) The Way he really feels
2) The way he is portrayed to feel
Music Video
You will be creating your own music video that looks at the life of Stan.

Your video must include the following

You will have this week to storyboard your ideas and rehearse your scenes.
Next week each group will get a camera to record their film which will then be edited and presented to the class.
Today we will be:
Investigating tension.
Creating a tension scene.
In groups of 3 you will complete the following task:

Label yourselves A,B and C.

Create the following scenes as a performance:
Scene 1
A comes home from work - dinner is not ready so A gets angry
Scene 2
In the back garden there is an argument.
A accuses B of spending money that they had hidden in the bedroom.
C listens in but decides to do nothing
Scene 3
An argument at a bus stop. C waiting for the bus. A is being rude to C. C decides to leave.
Scene 4
Last night C heard a row between A and B.
Decides to call the police but does not report it.
The next day C sees B with a cut. B is rude to C.
Scene 5
C hears another argument and decides to go and find out whats happening.
B is standing over A's body.
Chair Challenge
I want...I hate...
Role on the wall
When you are developing characters, you need as much information as possible about them. A role on the wall diagram builds up a picture of a role you are exploring in a drama using an outline of a person with information written on it, and this can be developed into an improvisation. Your role on the wall diagram can include:
• How the character feels about him/herself
• How the character feels about other people
• What other people think about the character
• His/her likes and dislikes
• His/her history
• His/her dreams or regrets
Listen to the song again. Now fill in the role on the wall diagram below to develop the character of Slim.
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