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Positioning the BlackBerry Pearl

No description

Anna Tanaka

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Positioning the BlackBerry Pearl

Real Connections with your consumers

Produce more than one product

Get rid off complacent management

Maintain your first-mover advantage

Take survey to understand customers’ needs
SWOT Analysis
Positioning the BlackBerry Pearl

Tech-Savvy Users

Sidekick3 is the only competitor in this segment

Clearly communicate their uniqueness - for the young professionals who work hard but also play hard

Strong message -> Trigger internal and/or external stimuli -> Generate a need -> consider a purchase
Key Takeaways
Market Perception
Pearl = "Prosumer"

1. Target market was too general

2. Failed to relay a clear message

Segment Profile
Perceptual Maps
Team G 1
Priyanka Bohra
Chetan Singh
Anna Tanaka
Trang Trieu
SWOT Analysis
Segment Profile
Perceptual Maps
Market Perception
Repositioning of Blackberry Pearl
Marketing Programs
Advantages & Disadvantages of Software
Key Takeaways
Advantages & Disadvantages of the software
Dimension I: For the attributes, we can see that Average user rating (CNET) is the primary contributor for Dimension I, with Instant messaging availability, a second contributor.
Dimension II: A similar pattern followed for Dimension II, for which Voice call quality is the primary contributor, followed by Email folders synchronization,Software Selection and Comfortable to call .
Dimension III: For Dimension III, Ease of use for typing is the primary contributor, with camera quality, a second contributor, followed by quality of display, brand image and push email availability.
Brand evaluations are limited to the attributes by the respondents.

Choice of attributes: It is very difficult for the firms to choose the relevant attributes to associated with the product for the purpose of conducting the research study.

Interpretation of the maps could be difficult

Not able to incorporate the cost factor or the likelihood of being able to achieve a desire positioning

Only take into account the past preferences and the present data but not the future data

Potential misleading bias: Higher preference does not necessarily translate to more customer purchases.
A two-dimensional solution in this case explains 79%, whereas increasing to a third dimensional solution adds to an additional 17.5%. Therefore, a three dimensional solution is deemed appropriate for further analysis.
Useful tool to help a business answer the question “Are our products competitively positioned?”

The perceptual map helps with the visualization of the competing brands in a market from the consumers’ standpoint

The preference map, on the other hand, helps gauge the importance of these perceptions

Assists the company in identifying market gap, which is an important input into the new product development process

Provide information that will help further understanding of different market segments

Help a business build an effective competitive strategy and brand strategy aiming toward their target consumers
Predominantly aged between 25 to 45
Mid/senior level executives or managers
Heavy users of email
Proportion of the BlackBerry wireless mobile professional segment
Segment 1: Super Users
Predominantly married male professionals
Enjoy reading all types of magazines from business to entertainment.
Segment 2: Successful Professionals
Marketing Programs
Segment 3: Tech-Savvy
Recent college graduate students or entry level professionals
Passionate about new technology
First ones to try any new technology in the market
Give advise to others on new technologies and in some cases mobile devices
Brand Personality
Social Media
Mobile Advertising
Young professionals, college graduates, who are looking for or starting their first job

Passionate about new technology

First ones to try any new technology in the market

Tend to give advice to others on new technologies, usually mobile devices
Highly secure mobile devices
Brand loyalty amongst niche market segment
History of building sturdy award winning devices
Blackberry would need to measure the social media metrics to get a feel for what’s working and how its customers are responding, so the company can get the most out of the social media efforts.
On Campus Promotional Events:

Align with mobile carriers
Holding a contest or offering some sort of prize
Inability to innovate
Inability to market the brand
Losing brand loyalty amongst non-corporate customers
Market perceptions of devices being for “professionals”
Positive outlook for Smartphones

Fastest growing company in the world
Events at Mobile Service Providers Stores:

Drive aggressive marketing campaign at stores of four national carriers: T-Mobile,Verizon, Sprint and AT&T
Increased competition in smartphone segment
Rapid technological change
Declining average selling price
Free SMS advertising & MMS advertising

Advertising within mobile games and mobile videos

Shorter ad break of 20 seconds during a video of 3 to 5 minutes in length

Blackberry needs to consult with the content publisher to ensure the best consumer viewing.
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