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Tanner, C3

Tanner,C3,Graduation Rates

Agassi Student

on 31 March 2016

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Transcript of Tanner, C3

Some are low cause some just drop out. Quit cause don't have a good education or don't like the teacher.

Non graduates - 23 percent plus 3 percent of adults are non graduates. 6454 plus 982 that is how many people dropout in NV and don't graduate.
In this picture you can see that teens and adults in India are taking there GED Test

Teenagers drop out of high school for a reason and why are there Graduation Rates Bad i will tell you in this picture.
Why Teenagers drop out and Graduation Rates
Not to be mean or rude but the black people always want to be a basketball player or football player they don't think we can do nothing else but look MLK got a good education a basically change the world so blacks and whites can join as one nation so if you drop out MLK did that for no reason he wanted people to have good education and justice for everyone escpically me kind.
Yes or no
Do you think i can make a positive change
LOW graduation rates pictures in Nevada, New Orleans, Chicago
Graduation Rates
In All the States
Graduation Class Improvment Picture, and Videos
How to make the best Positive Change
Never give up on your biggest dreams.
I will teach students how hard they need to work to get a good job good education good college i will teach them how they can do this take the most notes you can.
If you never give up you can pursue you most accomplished dreams it can be better if you never give up.
Never give up
Why are Graduation Rates low in some states.
7346 of Pre Adults and Teens that is non graduate.

In Nevada
In Chicago
In New Orleans
Class 2016
Class 2014
There has been a lot of improvement in
Yes, the most recent solution is in this video
I think i did make a great positive change cause we need to teach teens that in the world is not a game.
They said they want to take something serious so, if a high school person read my Prezi i think the should think twice before not graduating droping ot.
Meaningful Fact
Yes i do think
i made a positive change.
If you want to be a basketball player you has to have a scholarship and you can Never Give up.
May of said something twice this topic multiple
but, i want people to know non graduating
is serious take it serious stay in school for 13 years never give up {again}
I kept saying Never Give Up cause that is why our states graduation rates are low. So i know i used never give up a lot but don't judge.

1, 2, 3. When you grow up and i grow up we should never give up {graduate} and stay in school. NEVER GIVE UP FOR THE LAST TIME THANK YOU .
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