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"Determined to fulfill a dream, dream of being the change."

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Mohamed Hussam

on 26 July 2016

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Transcript of "Determined to fulfill a dream, dream of being the change."

"Determined to fulfill a dream, dream of being the change."

- High Board 2016 introduction

- GUCMUN 2016 Mission

- Orientation Program

- Academic Committee Structure

- Organizing Committee Structure

- Board Applications and deadline.

- Q's and A's

- Contact Details

Who are we?
OC Head
Secretary General
AC Head
High Board

" Reinforcing the political and developmental identities of the model in every individual, to permit a proper system advancement, and affirm an authentic reflection for the GUCMUN image. "
" If the United Nations is to survive, those who represent it must bolster it; those who advocate it must submit to it; and those who believe in it must fight for it. "
Academic Committee Structure
AC Head
GUCMUN'16 Councils...
United Nations Security Council
United Nations Human Rights Council

United Nations Security Council:

- Chair
- Academic Director
- Crisis Commissioner
- Peace and Security Rapporteur

United Nations Human Rights Council:

- Chair
- Academic Director
- Research Coordinator
- Human Rights Rapporteur
Post Responsibilities:

- Chair:

In charge of the team dynamics, making sure the targets and milestones are being efficiently met, as well as keeping track of fulfilling the council vision of the team.

- Academic Director:

Bears the responsibility of implementing the academic vision, ensures the high academic standard of the sessions, and works on improving the academic level of the delegates on a fixed basis throughout the year.

- Crisis Commissioner / Research Coordinator:

In charge of the team’s research, always updated on current hotspots and news, and, along with the academic director, are required to enhance the team’s academics and carry out its vision.

- Peace and Security Rapporteur / Human Rights Rapporteur:

Mainly focuses on the dynamic and academic progress of the delegates, reaches out to the delegates to work on their problems, and is responsible for maintaining team dynamics, with the chair.

1- Financial Coordinator

2- Fundraising

3- Coordination and Logistics

4- Media and Publications

5- People's Operations

6- Marketing Communication

7- Social Responsibilities


1- Online Registration, deadline for applying is Wednesday, 23rd of September, at 11:59 pm.

2- You will receive an E-mail including the plan guidelines for Heads and Secretariats.

Mobile Phones:

- Mohab Kaddah: 0100 41 82 551

- Ahmed Abdel Fatah: 0100 928 28 74

- Hana Barakat: 0111 133 2054


- gucmunhb16@gmail.com
Orientation Program:

3 Stages

Plans submission date:

Sunday, October 4th, 11:59 pm
HR Assessment
Financial coordinator:

• Determining finances of each committee through meetings.

• Developing and maintaining well constructed, realistic and accurate monthly financial statements with the support of balance sheet and cash forecast.

• Offering financial support and consultancy for other committees for their events and deliverables and develop expenses report or profit and loss statement based on the type of event deliverable.

• Providing monthly financial statements.

• Book Keeping.

Fundraising Committee:

• Building on and maintaining the sponsor’s database divided into fundraising and
reception sponsors.

• Carrying out Market research for potential sponsors.

• Planning and organizing different fundraising events and taking part of the project
management team in any event that is related to raising funds.

• Developing a benefit pack to attract sponsors that includes offers for financial
products, in-kind products and in-kind services.

• Maintaining previous fundraising and catering sponsors.

• Seeking for new fundraising and Catering Sponsors.

• Being fully aware with the university monetary policy regarding sponsors.

• Maintaining a respectful relationship with the university.

Coordination and logistics Committee:

• Developing and maintaining a well-constructed, event specific proposal, approvals templates.

• Building a good and respectful relation with the university, and fully understand its cycles in every single aspect.

• Ushering in sessions and conferences.

• Delegates recruitment system and booth hours.

• Acquiring the university resources need for GUCMUN to carry out its course of events, sessions, openings and conferences.

• Determining model logistical needs through meetings with the different committees and offering assistance to any committee when needed.

• Developing and maintaining the suppliers’ database.

• Responsible for the storage of the model’s assets.

•Aligning the knowledge of the model. *Through documenting processes in a form of articles etc.*

Media and Publications Committee:

• Maintaining and following the GUCMUN corporate identity and color schemes.

• Responsible for producing the design for all of GUCMUN publications including the sessions.

• Responsible for producing any GUCMUN documentary.

• Responsible for coming up with the designs of the t-shirts, the delegates’ welcome pack and decorations for any events.

• Responsible for media coverage for all of the events happening throughout the year.

People's Operations Committee:

• Forming a portfolio for each member including the analysis of Learning Needs Assessment.

• Forming and executing the Learning Needs Assessment processes.

• Providing the entity with learning solutions based on the analysis of the Learning needs assessment process.

• Forming a Database with the training agencies and recommended trainers.

• Approaching trainers or training agencies to partner with.

• Preparing 360 evaluation forms.

• Preparing general meetings.

• Forming Rewards & Recognitions system for the whole year.

• Planning and organizing internal events and initiatives for the members and the delegates to maintain the spirit within the entity.

• Planning and organizing team building gatherings according to the committee plan.

Marketing Communications Committee:

• Responsible for coming up with the themes and designs of all of the GUCMUN internal events such as the openings, closing, delegates booth etc.

• Responsible for the social media management in collaboration with media and Publications committee.

• Developing and maintaining a database with the media sponsors, keynote speakers and organizations.

• Responsible to create and maintain relations with media tools on campus (newspaper, echo, etc...) and off campus; a well written benefit pack should be proposed for the media sponsor to recruit them to cover GUCMUN main events in order to promote our image externally.

Social Responsibility Committee:

• Seeking and working on building collaborations between GUCMUN and NGOs or UN bodies, either independently or through projects implementation and charity events.

• Seeking and working on building collaborations between GUCMUN and other national and international models.

• Responsible for finding opportunities for the delegates through academic and educational events or activities on and off campus.

• Responsible for generating initiatives for social events and campaigns that reflect the GUCMUN values.

• Organize and plan the JGUCMUN and maintain a database with the schools contacts.

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