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Resident Satisfaction of BHP's Subsidized Housing for Older and Disabled Adults

A statistical analysis of the 2011 and 2012 resident surveys.

Desiree Firle

on 25 May 2017

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Transcript of Resident Satisfaction of BHP's Subsidized Housing for Older and Disabled Adults

By Desiree Firle, MSW Candidate
The University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work

Resident Satisfaction of BHP's Subsidized Housing for Older and Disabled Adults
This survey looks at "how BHP is doing with providing services" and not "how has your quality of life improved by living in BHP managed housing".
Customer Services Survey
Quality of Life Survey
Has customer service increased, decreased, or stayed the same?
What questions had the biggest change in satisfaction?
What is customer satisfaction by site?
Research Questions
Questions 16, 17, & 18:
Safety in Unit/Home, Building, & Parking Area
How secure do you feel: (By Means)
In your unit/home? 2.41 2.53
In your building? 2.24 2.33
In your parking area? 2.08 2.19
2.28 2.08
1-2 days

The lesser Mean the better!
If you called for a non-emergency maintenance repair the work was usually completed in:
2.59 2.63

Above Average
The ease of requesting repairs?
1.95 1.99

Do you consider your rent affordable?
Decreased Satisfaction in 17 Questions
But only 7 show statistical significance.
(out of 28 questions)
Questions regarding Leasing & Property Management
Explanation of lease at time of signing? 2.75 2.37 (
Explanation of BHP rules and policies? 2.61 2.40 (
Courteousness and professionalism of PM with you? 2.87 2.68 (
Communications received? 2.69 2.46 (
But does not mean that Leasing and PM's are doing a negative job. Still considered above average.
Questions Regarding Front Desk Customer Service
The quality, respect and courtesy with which you were treated?
2.67 2.47 (
Responsiveness to your questions or concerns?
2.66 2.45 (
Knowledge of the front desk?
2.62 2.41 (
Front desk customer service is above average.
Reasons for Lower Satisfaction Rates?
Front Desk Customer Service
Change in PM at CP
High turnover of residents
Hiring of new PM for WP & NP
PM case load increase limiting interactions with residents
Other reasons?
Change in front desk staff (hiring or leaving BHP)
Not trained in working with customers
Other reasons?
ANOVA by Site and by Years Lived with BHP
By Site
Only looked at questions that showed a statistical significance.
Maintenance (Northport)
Satisfied more than you think (Canyon Pointe)
By Years Lived with BHP
Number of calls
Repair time for non-emergency
Repair time for emergency
Increased with number of years living with BHP
Qualitative Analysis of Questions 27 & 28
27. If referred by "other", who referred you?
28. What capital improvements are needed?
1. Human Services Agency
2. Homeless Shelter
3. Phone Book Listing
4. Non-Profit Agency
5. Word of Mouth -or- Unknown (tie)
1. Human Services Agency
2. Housing Authority -or- Individual Person (tie)
4. Walk-In/World of Mouth/Personal Research
Capital Improvements
1. Bathrooms
2. Specific appliance
3. Community room
4. HVAC -and- Walls/Windows/Cabinets (tie)
6. Washer/Dryer

(see full report for entire list of themes)
Capital Improvements
1. Flooring -and- Security (tie)
3. Parking area issues
4. Indoor community area issues
5. Kitchen -and- Walls/Windows/Doors -and- HVAC -and- Landscaping -and- Bicycle racks (tie)

(See report for full list of themes)
Has customer service satisfaction increased, decreased, or stayed the same?
7 questions decreased, 6 questions increased, 15 questions remained the same.

What questions had the biggest change in satisfaction?
PM & Leasing (Questions 2, 3, 5, and 7) and Front Desk customer service (Questions 20-22) - Both show decrease in satisfaction.
What is customer satisfaction by site?
Northport having lowest satisfaction of all three housing sites. Canyon Pointe reporting highest satisfaction compared to other housing sites.

Pursue other research topics regarding the BHP resident survey.
Utilize an ANOVA to look at qualitative information and what sites highlight certain capital improvements needed
Expand statistical analysis for family sites to look for similarities and differences

Include demographic information regarding income, age, number in household, and gender

Conduct focus groups, door to door interviews, etc to find specific themes in lower satisfaction

Include "N/A" to each likert scale

Limit revisions so questions remain constant and can be compared on a yearly basis
Comprehensiveness of Study
This study is not meant to be a comprehensive report of satisfaction. BHP can utilize this report as a starting point to continue researching resident satisfaction with BHP services.
Questions regarding this report?
Can be addressed to
Desiree Firle at desiree.firle@gmail.com
Thank you!
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