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Forbidden Clothes

No description

Chelsey Terpstra

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Forbidden Clothes

Forbidden Clothes
One of the major themes in this short story is independence. Nasreen is always striving to be free from her parents and go live under her own terms for a while. She feels that they protect her to often and that she just wants to fit in.
The setting takes
place in England.
Person vs Person
Jamila Gavin
Mr. and Mrs. Khan
Nasreen in the main character of the short story Forbidden Clothes. She is an average teenager that only strives to try to fit into her new community. Since she only wore her scrubs and head scarf, she felt like she was an outsider. So she met a girl named Louise who helped her adapt into the Western Culture.
Mr. and Mrs. Khan are Nasreen's parents. They do not trust their daughter and are embarrassed of her not practicing the Muslim culture.
Mr. Kahn is a very strict father and is very controlling towards Mrs. Kahn and Nasreen
Mrs. Kahn demonstrates a very kind and caring nature and only wants what's best for her daughter. She believes that she should be brought up the same way she was and deeply misses the bond that her and her daughter used to share.
Louise is Nasreen's best friend. She has helped influence a lot of Nasreen's decisions when adapting into the Western culture. She has lent out her clothes and her makeup to try to help Nasreen fit in.
Another theme is this story is false truths or prejudice. Nasreen's parents blamed the Dibbens for the change is Nasreen's behavior. What they didn't know is that Nasreen did this all on her own just to try and fit in. Mrs. Kahn wasn't all that hot on Louise either. She didn't think that Louise was a role model for Nasreen and that she would give her daughter the wrong impressions about the new country.
The Kahn's house
The Dibben's house
The Disco downtown
The Kahn's originally lived in Pakistan but they moved to a Muslim community in England where Nasreen attended school just outside of the community.
Nasreen vs her parents
Nasreen wanted to fit into her new country so she wore clothes that fit her figure and didn't wear her head scarf. Her parents wanted her to be the "perfect daughter" and follow all of the religions traditions and rules. Unfortunately, Nasreen had other plans. She didn't want to marry at the age of 16. She wanted to go to school and have a life.
Person vs self
Nasreen is constantly fighting with herself when she comes to this new country. She wants to fit in, but she doesn't want to go against her parents and her Muslim culture. She decides to both keep her culture and adapt to the new culture. Nasreen makes a friend and keeps her "forbidden clothes" here. After a while she starts to feel the pressure of living a sort of double life and she decides to go back to her original culture where she burns all of her forbidden clothes.
Person vs Society
Nasreen vs New and Old Cultures
Nasreen is faced with many challenges trying to live two cultures at once. She has her own Muslim culture where they believe women are minority and they were only put on this earth to repopulate and make their husbands happy. Then she has the Western culture who believes everyone is equal, which is exactly what Nasreen believes. She feels obligated to be apart of both cultures which in the end comes back to bite her when her father finds out she's been wearing other clothes.
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