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Robert Flemming jr

No description

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Robert Flemming jr

Robert Flemming jr
Two possibilities
He was an inventor of the guitar
He did not invent it but only took out a patent
In my research i have discovered that Guitars have been around since ancient times .
Robert F Flemming may have gotten a patent (a government license conferring a right or title set for a timed period). But he might have never invented the guitar.
On March 3, 1886 he was thought to have invented the modern day guitar.

Or did he?
Robert F Flemming
My opionion
Robert F Flemming was born 1857 in Mississippi.
Why we believe he was the inventor of the guitar
He might have not been the inventor
African American treatment
Only a few years after he was born Robert and his family were released from slavery in 1863. He has always lived with racism and so did every african american in the south at that time.
The cock asians at the time had the upper hand at the time and the cock asians could have possibly not let him have the credit for his invention.
He is listed as having the patent for the guitar.
African American inventions were often overlooked in history
It was not an easy thing to get a patent when you were an African American you would have to be approved by the government.
History of Guitar
The guitar is a six stringed instrument
The guitar was developed in Europe during the Medieval period .
In all of the articles on guitar history they never mentioned Robert Flemming jr.
It was invented over 3,300 years ago.
In my opinion i do not think that Robert F Flemming is the inventor of the guitar. In my research about the guitar the guitar clearly pre dates Mr. Flemming. There are portraits and evidence of the guitar in ancient times before Mr. Flemming. Also there is not much evidence on the fact of Robert F Flemmings existence. But no matter what ethnicity made the guitar i know the guitar is a beautiful instrument.
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