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Rotary Friendship Exchange Programme 2014.

No description

lászló király

on 4 August 2014

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Transcript of Rotary Friendship Exchange Programme 2014.

Austrian-Hungary Monarchy 1867-1918
After the Trianon peace-treaty 2/3 of the country was detached
Hungary took part in the world wars allied with the loosers

Hungary’s geography

Surrounded by the Carpatian Mountains
Hungary’s area is 93.000 km2 (35,919 sq mi, would be the 39th greatest US state ..)
Neighbours: Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine
Capital: Budapest
Highest location: Kékestető 1014 m
Main rivers: Danube, Tisza, Dráva; Largest lake: Balaton

It’s located in „Europe’s heart”
The country’s area is 1% of Europe’s
10.067.000 people live here (2% of Europe’s population)
Joined the European Union on 1st May of 2004

1000 years of Hungary
Our national holidays

Hungarian folk habits

Facts about Hungary

Gábor Zsazsa

Kertész Imre


Teller Ede

Famous Hungarians
Hall of Fames

The Hungarian Flag
Tony Curtis
Kodály Zoltán
Fruit pálinka
Tokaji wine
Szekszárdi wine
15th March –
1848/49 revolution and freedomfighting

20th August –
Event of Saint Steven and the new bread
23rd October – 1956 revolution in Hungary
Santa Claus -
6th of December
and his spouse Erika


The settlement of the Magyars in the Carpathian basin: 895
Our first king:
Saint Steven (Szent István, 1000-1038)
One of the most famous kings:
Mathias Rex (1556-1590)

Lajos Kossuth
Governor of Hungary
János Kádár
General Secreter of the Communist Party
Viktor Orbán
Prime Minister
1998-2002, 2010 -
Miklós Horthy
Governor of Hungary
Hungarian Cuisine
Rotary Friendship Exchange 2014

Fish Soup
Hungarian Rotary District

Budapest with RIP John Kenny
in Budapest
Visiting a GOL child by John Kenny
RIP John Kenny
in Eger
with RIP Kalyan Banerjee
in Balatonfüred
in Csongrád
Meeting Kalyan Banerjee in San Diego
in Aquincum
RIP Kalyan Banerjee
in Budapest
Touching the invisible
Some facts:

RC Budapest Budavár has imported the idea from Germany
the first statuette was unvailed by RC Budapest Budavár in the Buda Castle, a historical place of our capital
as of today there are 20 statuettes in different Hungarian cities
Gift of Life
Some facts

three phases
the third phase started in 2014, conclusion 2015
now it is the biggest Rotary project in Hungary
about $180 000 fund was raised in the frame of a Global Grant
16 children - mainly from Romania - were and will be operated
special thanks
to RC Oklahoma City $2500
to RC Locust Valley $6150 (Special thanks to Gábor!)
to Rtn Dr. Howard Robins, West Hempstead RC $1000
to Gift of Life International $1000
to Gift of Life Inc, $5000
Some facts about György:
rotarian since 1996
president of RC Budapest Budavar 2002/2003
governor of the Hungarian Rotary district 2011/12
lives in Budapest
electrical engineer
Some facts about Ágnes:
rotarian since 2006
president of RC Sátoraljaújhely 2012/13
exchange student coordinator
lives in Sátoraljaújhely
environmental engineer
Some facts about László:
rotarian since 1995
president of RC Budapest Tabán 2005/2006
lives in Budapest
mathematician, IT specialist
Some facts about Marinus:
rotarian since 2002
president of RC Szekszárd 2012/13
lives in Szekszárd
manifacturing specialist
ROTARY in Hungary
1925 - first Rotary club in Hungary
1940 - 15 Rotary clubs in Hungary
1942 - Rotary prohibited
1988 - after more than 40 years rebirth of Rotary
2007 - independent Hungarian Rotary district
2014 - 48 Rotary clubs in Hungary with about 1200 members
Rubik Ernő
Some goods some bads and some uglies
Dobos cake
Franz Joseph Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary 1949-1916
Bartók Béla
Charles Simonyi
and his spouse Ágnes
and his spouse Zsuzsanna (Susy)
Official governor visit in a club
in San Diego with RIP Kalyan Banerjee (2011)
One of our GOL childs, Zsofi with father and Gábor Karsai
A happy GOL family after the operation
dr. Weithaler, medical ccordinator of the project with a GOL child
Arnold, a GOL child with her mother and a Rotarian
Zente, a GOL child with his happy parents
Main Square
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